www.Yourdependentverification.Com/Plan-Smart-Info – Verify your Dependent Online

Hewitt associates is an American management consulting service provider. Hewitt operates in over 500 locations in more than 120 countries around the world. It used to be an independent organization but it was purchased by Aon Corporation in 2010. Hewitt merged with Aon Corporation and now operated in a new subsidiary called Aon Hewitt of Aon group.

www.Yourdependentverification.Com/Plan-Smart-Info – Dependent Verification Online

The dependent verification preserves the beneficiaries of your benefit plans. Sometimes there are additional dependents added to your benefits by accidents or by intention. These benefit plans cost their participants a noticeable amount. So having dependents that are not entitled to the coverage can result in a heavy blow. Aon Hewitt takes special notice of this situation. They have launched a plan smart dependent verification.

This service verifies eligible dependents and removes un-registered or ineligible dependents from your list as soon as possible. The dependent verification process can be availed online and users must have an online login to start. The online registration is simple and quick. Once you have your username and password you can start your smart dependent verification process immediately.

Plan Smart Dependent Verification

Use your online login to enter your own account in plan smart info portal. Access the portal using the link: www.yourdependentverification.com/plan-smart-info. Enter in your username and password and press login. Enter your account and start the verification process.

Forgot Your Password

Either enter in your verification ID that is mentioned on the bottom of the letter that was sent to your address, or you can enter in your last name, date of birth and zip code to get a temporary verification online on www.yourdependentverification.com.

Customer Contact

For more information or problems in dependent verification contact Aon Hewitt customer service agent at: 1.800.890.3200. You can contact via email as well. Use the email address: hfscustomerservice@aonhewitt.com. Or you can mail your problems at Hewitt financial service head office at:  PO Box 563901 Charlotte, NC 28256-3901.

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