www.talktosonic.com – Avail a Free Route 44 Drink

You are welcome to participate in Sonic Drive-In survey and give feedback at www.talktosonic.com to get Free ROUTE 44 DRINK. The chance is especially available for you to win this coupon within 5-7 minutes of the survey. This survey intends to collect the opinions and suggestions of customer to improve the products and services.

Although the basic objective is to excel the business in bigger perspective, however, small things join together to make bigger things. The survey is managed by SMG, it collects the information from customers on behalf of Talk to Sonic. The launching of the survey indicates that company cares about his customers and want to know what customers think about its food and other services.

www.talktoSonic.com – How to Win a Coupon with Survey:

The survey only takes about 6-8 minutes to complete, you have to answer just simple questions and get a coupon at the end. You can submit your feedback and can also give suggestions where the survey gives you an option to do so.

Moreover, the questions are general and ask you about your experience with recent visits to Sonic. The questions in the survey include the following options;

  • Survey asks you about your gender and age?
  • Which restaurants would you go more than others?
  • From which type of media do you get info about Sonic Drive-In?
  • In which days of the week you are likely to purchase from Sonic Drive-In?
  • Would you like to recommend Sonic Drive-In to your friends or family?
  • How was the environment while you dine-in on the last visit to Sonic Drive-In?

About Sonic:

The company operates more than 3,500 restaurants in the USA, moreover, the restaurant chain is recognized as a national fast-food chain.

The company was founded in 1953 by TROY SMITH, the company now operates franchise system. Either you enjoy a delicious burger OR fries you will get a chance to participate in Survey. Just keep the receipt with you as it is the KEY to enter in customer satisfaction survey.

And few others just like above questions.

To participate in the Sonic Drive-In survey you need a receipt from the restaurant which must not be more than 14-days old. You need an internet connected PC or Laptop. Moreover, you will also require a pen or pencil to write the coupon code on your Receipt.

  • Open www.talktosonic.com in your browser and wait for the homepage to load.
  • From your receipt bottom, please enter the ID NUMBER at the empty field.
  • Answer each question carefully, they will ask you about your experience during the last visit to Sonic Drive-In.
  • Right after the last question, you will see the COUPON CODE on your screen.
  • Write this code on your receipt and take it to Sonic Drive-In cashier to get your FREE ROUTE 44 DRINK or COLD TEA.

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