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Snapchat is one of the most popular form of social interaction today. It was launched in 2012 and today it has millions of download on both android and apple phones. Snapchat has variety of features such as story, filters and snaps. Snapchat filters can be seen throughout the internet due to their beauty enhancing properties. Even with such a wide network, snapchat still has not launched a PC version of the app. Hence here comes the reason you are here in the first place to look for snapchat login.

How to Use Snapchat Login on Your Computer

Looking for a way to open your snapchat on your computer? Well you came to the right place. No matter your reason, whether you want to open up snapchat to get through those last boring office hours, to get through a lab session or if you want to charge your phone but you are too impatient to wait till it charges to view snapchat stories, you can now run it on your PC. Now before you start diving into the method you need to know the basics for snapchat login.

To achieve this goal you can take two routes.

  • Download using blue stacks.
  • Use snapchat via manymo.

Blue stacks

Blue stacks is a widely used software by Microsoft and Mac users to run third party apps, such as clash of clans and in this case snapchat. Blue stacks is primarily designed application launched in 2009 to allow PC users to use android based application. For users who spend a notable time on PC, this application is nirvana.

Blue stacks can be easily downloaded from there official website here: https://www.bluestacks.com/.

Once the app is installed the rest is easy. Connect your stack to your google account and search snapchat on play store. Download and install. Now login to your account and share or see the snapchat stories without restrictions.

Via Manymo

Manymo unlike bluestack is an android emulator. You can run your applications online without downloading them using manymo. You can sign in on manymo and use the online applications available there. You just need two things:

  • A google play store account.
  • A device that is registered on that account.

Sign up for your google play account and download snapchat on your PC. Keep the downloaded .apk file on your desktop or a folder you remember. Create a manymo account. Now upload that .apk file on your manymo emulator.

Now just open up manymo and sign in using your username and password.


In case you encounter such an error you can take some simple steps.

  • Always download snapchat from google play store to avoid interruptions.
  • Make sure you have a valid account and correct data and clock settings.
  • If the error is still present, restart the application.

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