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Do you need a convenient way to pay your medical bills online? If yes then Gotomydoctorbill can work for you perfectly. Online payment systems have made our lives easier in many ways. From paying our utility bills, making credit payments or online transactions, anything is possible within the vicinity of your home. Gotomydoctorbill is one of the best quality websites that allows you to pay your medical bills online.


www.gotomydoctorbill.com is a secure website having acquired an SSL certificate from the Starfield Technologies Inc, from the period of June 2019 to 2020. Gotomydoctorbill is an ER-related payment portal website. This site has been active for around 8 years (was created in November 2011) and it is used by independently contracted or outsourced ER physicians throughout America.

This website is a billing service related to emergency cases. It allows you to pay for any emergency payments you received from a physician from the hospital you visit. The Gotomydoctorbill only allows you to pay the bill of your emergency physician. You would have to pay the other charges separately. 

How Gotomydoctorbill Site Really Works?

Some ER doctors in America, especially the ones that are not directly working under the employment of the hospital, bill their patients themselves for their services. To get their payments or send the bill to their patients, these outsourced doctors can use a variety of methods. One of these methods is www.gotomydoctorbill.com.

Gotomydoctorbill.com billing is different from the normal hospital billing system. You would receive it in case of an emergency visit. In most cases, you will be dealing with this site if you had a recent out-of-town ER visit. Or if you have been taken to another hospital instead of your original one.

Clearance of Doctor Bills:

Thereare two ways to clear your medical bills.

  • By Health Insurance

You will be asked to provide your health insurance details at the end of your hospital visit. If you have health insurance & you have provided the details, you would most likely not receive a bill from Gotomydoctorbill. Your health insurance will directly deal with it.

  • Directly

However, if you do not have health insurance or your health insurance provider delays the payment. You would receive an ER bill in your mail. The ER bill by Gotomydoctorbill is sent separately to you from your other hospital bills. This might spook and you may think it is a fraud.

But there is nothing to worry about as it is an independent bill sent to you personally by the emergency physician. Moreover, the physician is working under the contract there, their bills are not managed by the hospitals. So, they are not involved in the process at all. Furthermore, services like GotoMyDoctorBill employed by the doctors and not by the hospital.

Bill Receiving Timings:

  • For a person who is not health insured,you will receive your bill within 15days of your visit.
  • For a person with health insurance,you may receive your bill after 45days, if your health insurance has not paid the amount tillthen. Or, if your serviceprovider refuses payment or part of the payment, you will receive the bill within 5 days of notice.

Reasons for Your Health Insurance Not to Pay Your Bill:

Yourhealth insurance may not pay the amount because:

  • It will be delaying the payment and takes longer to process the claim within 45 days.
  • Your health plan does not cover the services acquired by you during the hospital visit.
  • Your insurance carrier thinks that some payment should be paid by you.

Making Your Payment:

Once you have received your bill then you can pay it easily through www.gotomydoctorbill.com.  We will go through the procedure step-by-step and see what is required to make a payment on gotomydoctorbill.com.

Registration Process:

Since it is not a personal service portal so, registration of any form is not required. You will be provided with details that you need to enter on the site to make your payment. You will use these details to log-in as well.

Login Procedure of Gotomydoctorbill:

There will be an account number on your bill. You can easily log in to the Gotomydoctorbill portal by using the account number and area zip code of the address mentioned in your mail. You’re supposed to visit the website www.gotomydoctorbill.com and choose the option ‘Make a Payment’. (You can choose any of three options; it will lead to the same result.)

Alternatively, you can go directly here: gotomydoctorbill.com/billpay.aspx. When you are on the log-in page, you need to provide three details.

  • The account numberon the bill.
  • Area Zip code ofthe address mentioned on your bill.
  • Your last name

Enterthese and you will be logged in to the site.

Payment Methods:

Youcan pay the bill through credit or debit cards as gotomydoctorbill accepts VISAcard & Mastercard. You can also make payment through a check.

Ifyou want to pay your bill through insurance, you can provide your insuranceinformation at this point in the process too by filling the “Insurance Information form”.

Gotomydoctorbill Discounts:

Gotomydoctorbillprovides various discounts to its patients. How much discount you get candepend on your financial hardship and your insurance status. A discount can be morethan 70% of the total payment.

Payment Receipt:

Areceipt of the bill is sent to you after you or your insurance company has madethe payment. Both the bill and the receipt have made it easy to understand byproviding a simplified summary of all the services. Moreover, the chargeswithout any technical jargon that a normal person would be able to understand.

You can also review your account information and update your personal and financial information while you are logged in gotomydoctorbill. Furthermore, if you have any queries, you can ask them at their Patient Questions section at gotomydoctorbill.com/patient_contact.aspx by providing your name, email and the account number.

Drawbacks of Gotomydoctorbill Services:

The biggest issue that has been criticized bythe users of gotomydoctorbill.com is repeated billings. Various reviewers havecomplained about the problem. The site may send you a mail containing bill thatyou have already paid multiple times and keep doing so even after repeatedverifications of payment.

You are advised to keep the copy of your receipt safe in case you need to verify your payment in the future. This can come in handy if the company sends you any penalty charges or a repeat billing to assure them that you have already paid your charges within the due date.

  • Company-Issued bill/Legitimacy Issues

As the GotoMyDoctorBill bill is sent separately by the company directly to the patient and the hospital is not involved in the process. A lot of people can get confused by that. The hospital usually neglects to tell the patient about any other separate bill than what the hospital is charging them. Therefore, they may think that it is a scam.

A quick confirmation from the hospital about the bill will clear any misgivings you might have about the bill. www.gotomydoctorbill.com is an authentic website that is used by doctors for their bill payment. You do not need to worry about its legitimacy.

  • Lack of Information about the website

The information about the website is scarce on the internet. The website itself doesn’t share much information about it either. This makes trusting the site difficult. You can use this article and some others to navigate the site. The website does have an FAQ section you can explore.

Or else, you can use their customer service helpline or the questions section on the site to know more about itself and the services it provides.

Further Assistance Regarding the Website:

  • To use their Patient helpline number call: 1.800.378.4134 (Monday-Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm)
  • For questions on the Internet, you may visit:  gotomydoctorbill.com/patient_contact.aspx
  • For FAQ section: gotomydoctorbill.com/faq.aspx
  • General reviews & discussions, visit: www.reddit.com, reddit.com/Scams, and mywot.com/gotomydoctorbill.com

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