www.comenity.net/boscovs – Boscov’s Credit Card Account Activation

Boscov’s is a departmental store chain based in United States. It is family owned department store with over 50 branches in eastern United States which can be online accessed by visiting www.comenity.net/boscovs. Boscov’s is rapidly expanding their business chain. By October 2017 Boscov’s has opened stores in Monmouth mall, New Jersey, Ohio valley mall, Pennsylvania and others.

www.comenity.net/boscovs – Credit Card Activation Code

Boscov’s issue their own credit cards for their loyal customers. This credit card helps their customers in getting discounts, getting access to new programs and offers and bonus rewards. Basov’s customers. Card holders can also sign up for online accounts. These online accounts help in monitoring their card activity, transactions and history.

Card holders get 100 bonus rewards on new card sign up. Also a 15% off of entire purchase. This is applicable on purchases over $100.

How to Apply For Boscov’s Credit Card?

To apply for Boscov’s credit card, you need to visit their online website at: https://d.comenity.net/boscovs/

You can check for other benefits of owning Boscov’s credit card as well from here. When you are satisfied, press the “Apply Now” option. To apply for your credit card, you need to enter some personal and professional information. You  need to provide your first and last name, your address, your alternative address if any, you city, state, zip code, date of birth, social security, and annual income. You need to provide some contact information as well. Like phone number and email address. Finally carefully read the instructions and terms. Now submit the form.

How to Create an Online Account?

The online account creation is pretty easy. Just go to the link: https://d.comenity.net/boscovs/

Now press the “Register for Online Access” option. Type in your account number, zip code, last four digits of your social security, identification code. The identification code could be your SS, insurance or identification number.

When you submit your information, you are guided to your account dashboard. From here on, you can monitor your card activity online. This account also helps in getting notifications and updates on latest deals, programs or offers.

Customer Contact

For more information and solution for issues, contact Boscov’s customer service.

In case of credit card issues: 1-844-271-2778

For customer service: 1-888-819-1918

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