How to Activate Anywhere Visa Card

Give a read to the article if you want to know how your new Costco anywhere card can be activated.

All About Costco

Costco is a retail company based in the USA and was founded by Sol Price in 1987. It is a point of attraction for wholesale super freaks and is actually known as the second largest bulk retailer. It is also a remarkable pizza chain and this is a lesser known fact. Though it offers a number of opportunities for unemployed degree holders, it doesn’t give employment opportunity to business school graduates. Last but not the least Costco is the pioneer importer of French Wine. – Tell me About Costco Credit Card/Citi Card Anywhere

Let’s cut the introduction short and let tell you all about the Costco Credit Card. Costco anywhere credit card just like other master cards lets you buy anywhere anytime.  It provides you with cash back facility e.g. on any Costco purchase you will get 2% back. Paying with Costco anywhere credit card gives you 3% of your cash back. Moreover, all the Costco cards have been transitioned to Citi Cards. You can buy your Costco anywhere credit card from any Costco franchise and can activate it by visiting

How to Costco Anywhere credit card/ Citi card Activation – Steps 

There is a way to activate the to call the Citi bank representative for dedicated phone number at 1-866-241-8684 for CitiBank Costco consumer card department. For Costco business card phone number is 1-866-2422926. The second method is very easy online activation, so you don’t need to call a Citi Costco card representative and wait for queuing.

  • Register for online activation at
  • Make sure to confirm the receipt of card once you buy it.
  • Click
  • To start the activation process, keep your credit card plus your credit card receipt ready.
  • Provide your card number to begin.
  • Fill all the fields accordingly.
  • Click ‘Submit’ and you have your card activated.

Costco credit card is accepted all over the USA. You can shop online, manage your payments and check your remaining balance all online by visiting the official website.

Rewards of Costco Anywhere Visa Card by

Card holder will receive 4% cash back on all gas purchase, this is available after the amount $7000 spend on gas purchase and you will entitle to receive 1% cash back.

Credit card holders of Citi Costco Anywhere will receive 3% cash back on restaurant purchase and travel purchase, 1% cash back of other places where Costco card is accepted and 2% cash back on all Costco location facilities.

Costco Phone Number

Call Costco at 866-241-8684

Stay tuned for more information.

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