Why Using a Standing Desk at Work Could Give Your Brain an Edge:

A healthy lifestyle is quite important. When you look after your physical health, you feel much better. But the benefits are not physical only. There are many mental benefits also. For example, if you lead a healthy life, you often are in a good mood and with a positive mental attitude. It greatly helps you to cope with the different problems of daily life. Also, it makes you more productive at work.

You may ask yourself, how can I create a healthier work environment? Well, whether you work at a home office or a regular one, your desk is the key component. You can begin by replacing your traditional desk with a standing one. You should opt for an electric standing desk since its height can be adapted by pushing a button. Get one from Progressive Desk, a reliable manufacturer that emphasizes ergonomics and style.

The Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

There is a large amount of scientific evidence that demonstrates how standing desks benefit your health. Some of the most commonly cited benefits are:

  • Lower risk of obesity. Standing while working burns more calories than sitting. In this way, you are less likely to gain weight from a sedentary lifestyle. You don’t need to spend the entire workday on your feet though. You can switch between sitting and standing several times. In this situation, an electric standing desk comes in handy;
  • Lower risk of type-2 diabetes. For a long time, doctors have observed a link between a sedentary life and higher blood sugar levels. In an average person, the blood sugar level spikes after lunch. However, standing 3 hours after lunch instead of sitting reduces the spike by 43%. Thereby, the risk of developing type-2 diabetes diminishes;
  • Lower risk of heart disease. Like in the previous point, standing during working hours leads to a decrease of up to 147% in the risk of developing heart disease.

Moreover, standing tackles chronic pain in the back and neck. These ailments are often associated with sitting for many hours. But, what are the benefits for the brain? What’s the impact of standing while working on your mental health?

The Benefits for Your Brain and Mental Health

Besides the physical benefits mentioned above, a standing desk also gives your brain an edge. Scientists have assessed the stress and fatigue levels in office workers. They found that those that spend the entire workday seated had the highest levels of stress and fatigue. In contrast, workers using a standing desk exhibited a better mood and vigor to perform their daily office activities. 

What’s more, scientists noticed that a worker with a positive mental attitude would become stressed if their standing desk was replaced with a traditional one. This observation is in line with research results that link a sedentary life with a higher risk of depression and anxiety. A positive mental attitude has a direct impact on productivity. Hence, standing while working usually leads to more tasks completed in a workday. As seen, a standing desk is a wonderful investment.

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