Why is having an online presence that important?

Let us consider the case of businesses that once had it nicely with their customers using just their shop. That trend went on through the 80s and 90s too. But then came the dot com boom and the advent of websites started happening. 

With time, businesses started feeling something. Small and medium businesses were still able to survive using old fashioned ways. But those who had size and good earnings began feeling the urge to go digital. They found their customers going to rivals and competitors. They found the phenomenon worrisome and were wondering where it went wrong.

This is why an online presence became of quite some importance in the world of today. In terms of agency-client quarrels/calamities, the reasons are numerous and both parties in this regard are equally guilty.

First, one initial campaign hitting the ceiling is not enough even if the success of it smashed records. With time, people forget things especially when there are numerous competitors out there creating one after one, campaigns that are an instant and long lasting hit with the people. Businesses must stay in people’s minds, and this doesn’t happen through a few posts or a small campaign.

What happens is that clients think that the push they receive from the first campaign is more than enough and can get them where they want to be then that is certainly not the case at all. A lot of agencies work quite hard in creating and making campaigns and plans to get clients where they should be. 

Hence, following the initial steps of the plan and not following the others will results in a lot of disputes and numerous other problems too.

An online presence today is necessary – it is life!

People may sarcastically remark that even the monster today has gone digital. Online presence today is almost everything. Let us take the example of consumers using skincare products. When no products are available at shops, Google is there to help them find the needed online retailers. 

The same goes for those who need skin treatments when shifting to a new place. The search engine has helped them find the best doctors, clinics and hospitals for skin treatment. Moreover, with translators available (Google Translate), language barriers are hence removed.

Online presence has helped websites offer themselves in multiple languages. This has helped many new people in new countries understand the local language and even be able to obtain help in their language as well.

Online presence is not just limited to websites. It can be found on social media pages, and through them, numerous small and medium businesses have been able to reach countless customers with relevant ease.

Some of these businesses post regularly while some post sparingly. Yet they have been able to engage a lot of customers and make them feel valued. Moreover, a lot of businesses, brands and organizations alike have been creating a sustainable online presence, where they are able to invest and save wisely.

Professionals of SEO in Dubai explain that boutique agencies have helped a lot of businesses, brands and companies obtain higher ranks on Google and other search engines. This was done through creation of robust and worthwhile content supported by strong SEO and SEM efforts. The way pages of clientele appear at the top made it clear that they were the top choice for their target audiences.

What happens if the online presence is neglected?

Neglecting an online presence is a bad thing to happen. Not only do customers start switching towards competitors. They start unsubscribing from the emails and social media updates. When clients stop focusing on their digital aspect, they start falling down and their competitors start snapping up their customers.

There was a time when Facebook and Hi5 coexisted together. The latter was a social network that existed before the former, but the former took the world by storm and kicked Hi5 out of the market. Hi5 still exists, but it is not in use. Facebook innovated itself a lot but these days, it is not on the right side of the tracks.

Can Hi5 make a comeback? We cannot say. Facebook faltered because of parent company Meta’s wrongful ventures in violating user privacy and data security. Yet, there are other networks and platforms that have improved their security and privacy. Now with web 3.0 making a loud entry, the internet is set to undergo another innovative change and step.

How good is a strong online presence?

A strong online presence helps customers purchase the needed products/services at anytime, anywhere either through a tap or a click.

Moreover, reviews and ratings are of quite an importance. A lot of people have searched for restaurants and other places online through Google. They have also searched for honest reviews. They have helped shape the decisions of many when it comes to purchase of products and services.

These reviews, especially the 5 star ones, are really good for businesses, brands and organizations alike. Not only do they build an element of trust but also help people provide honest reviews.


Businesses, brands and companies alike must understand that in today’s time, an online presence is needed. Boutique agencies and other ROI digital agencies are key to helping them in this regard. Though they often look for what is most convenient, they must also look for the option which can help them stay afloat and in business.

Traditional marketing won’t be away but rather will exist with digital for quite some time. Agencies and their clients must invest considerably and wisely, their time, money and energy in the plan the agencies made for them. Their success is the agency’s success as well as that of the audience too.

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