What You Should Learn to Deal with PHP Homework Assignments Easily

PHPis considered one of the most used languages in the web development field. Ifyou want to create websites, it will come in handy for you. In the article, youwill see a systematic learning plan, which you should stick to if you want todeal with PHP tasks successfully. Also, you may get help with PHP homeworkassignments on special services. There, an IT specialist will assist youwith the most difficult task.

Should you learn PHP?

Isit difficult to master? Not really. It is relatively easy for newbies and indemand. Thanks to open source, simplicity, and a large developer community, thetechnology has grown rapidly. It is now believed that PHP may be losing groundas sites themselves may become a thing of the past. However, so far, thesefears have not been confirmed.

Why learn PHP: the pluses andminuses


  • Widely spread. It is included in the top mostpopular languages.
  • It is regularly updated and developed, newopportunities appear. Productivity is increasing.
  • Relatively easy to learn, which is especiallyimportant for beginners.
  • Uncomplicated syntax.
  • Great community. There are many ready-madesolutions, reference information, which simplifies training.


  • Code written in earlier versions may not work inlater ones.
  • High competition among PHP developers.
  • In addition to PHP, it is advisable to learnHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to work in the field of programming.

Where to start learning PHP?

Weare going to show you a plan according to which you can learn the language.Once you’ve mastered HTML and CSS, you can learn other technologies faster.

  1. Learn HTML and CSS to typeset layouts.
  2. Learn PHP basics.
  3. Deepen your PHP knowledge. You should learn theconcept of a class and an object, what is polymorphism, inheritance,encapsulation, working with My SQL databases, testing the code.
  4. Learn how a CMS (site management system) works.The most popular is WordPress. You can master any that you like since bystudying one system, you will be able to understand others.
  5. See how PHP frameworks work and learn one ofthem. The choice is Laravel or Symfony. There are others, but the listed onesare more popular.
  6. Get additional knowledge. You should learn OOPprinciples, Linux OS, command-line work, cron scheduler, JavaScript.

How to learn PHP to move forward

Find a mentor. If possible, find amentor. The ideal path for a programmer is to learn a language under the guidanceof an experienced colleague. This way, you will be able to avoid mistakestypical for beginners and speed up your entry into the profession.

Practice. The most important stage inlearning PHP is practice. Without practical application, theoretical knowledgeis quickly forgotten. You can start developing a website for your goals fromthe very first weeks of training. You can make unlimited changes, experimentwith code, add and change effects, apply graphics, etc.

Here’swhat will help you practice:

  • install the PHPStorm development environment onyour PC
  • come up with and create a simple script – atleast for posting comments to the site
  • create scripts for different tasks until thisprocess ceases to cause difficulties – this skill will help you to thoroughlyunderstand how the language functions and how to test ready-made programs
  • develop a website for a specific task – an onlinestore or an information portal. This will help you understand additionaltechnologies, frameworks, layouts, and databases.

What career stages does a PHPdeveloper go through?

APHP programmer goes through four stages in his development:

  1. A trainee is a novice developer who performstasks under the guidance of a mentor.
  2. Junior knows PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQLdatabases, OOP principles, and techniques. Confidently uses Git and CMS. At thesame time, it is not necessary to have work experience for employment.
  3. Middle – 2-3 years of experience, participationin large projects, deep knowledge of PHP and frameworks.
  4. Signor – an expert level of programming, theability to apply all development technologies at all levels of the product lifecycle, and have experience in team management.

Byregularly improving his or her professional level, gaining new skills, studyingtechnologies, methods, and tools, a PHP programmer can make a successful careerin 3-5 years.

Free courses for beginners

Sincethe language is popular, there are many free tutorials, courses, and articlesfor beginners on the Internet that allow you to learn PHP yourself fromscratch. Manuals are very popular, where they talk about the syntax and basiccommands in 1-1.5 hours.

Inaddition to videos, there are many useful sites for aspiring developers on theInternet. There you will find free reference books, collections of articles,manuals, forums, and libraries. Also, there are online courses on the Internetthat teach programming, including beginners. You receive systematic training,master theory and practice, communicate with teachers. After the courses, youcan look for work or complete orders in freelancing.

Now you know what you should learn to deal with yourPHP assignments successfully. With this knowledge, you can show a good result.

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