What Should Your Business Have Outdoor Signage?

Everywhere there is multiple signage of businesses, each promoting or just branding a company. Typically, signage aims to promote, identify, and provide information about various things or a particular thing. There are different signage everywhere, directions on the street or health and safety signs in the workplace.

The next you visit Harbourside Shopping Centre, simply notice how many different kinds of banners are there all around the shopping centre. Not limited to shopping centres, but you will see banners in Sydney on bus stops, construction sites and beaches. This is true for any urban city in the world.

But what is the purpose of signage for your business? So, here are some purposes that business banners serve.

Advertising and Marketing

Primarily signs are often used for advertising and marketing by different companies. While advertising on hoardings may seem like the only option, some outdoor signage solutions can be put almost anywhere. In addition, wide-format printing has progressed to the point when even the whole building is wrapped with vivid outdoor prints.

Entice Customers

Retail signs and shop signs can attract customers to enter a shop. Window displays are a great option that creates curiosity and awareness while enticing potential customers to shop. In addition, these signs let people know about the business and display specific information that the company wants to convey. Moreover, high-quality business signage creates a great first impression on the potential customers about the business.


Companies deliberately design vivid and memorable banners so that the target audience easily recognises their business. In addition, such banners help to create a brand identity that makes them recognisable and unique. For example, when you see a red banner with a white wave or curved line, you can easily recognise that it is coca-cola. Taking another example of McDonald’s, the famous golden arches are instantly recognised around the world. These arches are the epitome of brand identity that franchises and other chain stores will use similar banners in their shop fronts to build brand recognition.

Targets a Large Number of Audience

Outdoor signage targets a vast audience more than any other medium. If the banners are put in the right place, they are seen by many people and gain a lot of traction. A well-designed and strategically placed banner boost the company’s marketing efforts by catering to a large audience.

Economical Alternative

Outdoor signage is sometimes more affordable than print or digital media. In addition, this kind of advertising produces more impactful results on a relatively more minor budget, making them an excellent option for companies with a lesser budget to spend on advertising.

Moreover, unlike any other digital or print advertisement medium, outdoor signage for business is long-term. When you buy a media space or put a banner in different places, you buy the location for a specific length of time. Since such outdoor signage stays on for longer durations, that ensures your target audience sees your brand.

 People Respond Well to Outdoor Advertisements

Consumers respond to the types of marketing strategies that capture their attention. The frequency with which people view the banner, the message of the advertisement and the location are some crucial factors marketers consider. When it comes to outdoor signage, location is one of the primary factors to consider, and the Hume Highway is a popular choice for outdoor banners in Sydney. It is believed that more than 50% of consumers respond well to outdoor signage advertising.

Outdoor signage for your business must be an essential part of your marketing strategy. It is old-school but still relevant and will always be.

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