What is Web Crawling and Why Businesses Should Use It?

Web crawling is the process of automatically collecting data via software solutions such as spider bots. These bots collect different pieces of data by systematically browsing the web and accumulating information. It’s often used by search engines such as Google, Bing, or Baidu to index websites.

In this article, we’ll explore web crawling as a whole, give you some examples of businesses that are already using the technology, and explain how you can make use of it too. 

So without further ado, let’s get into web crawling.

Defining the Concept of Web Crawling

Web crawling is a process performed by web crawling bots. To answer the question of what is web crawler, you should know that they are usually known as spider bots, crawlers, or indexing bots. They systematically crawl through the internet and collect data from data sources, scrape the web for information, or explore databases.

While their implication has been somewhat limited in the past – businesses are using them at an increasing rate to do their research. Web crawling is fantastic for extracting relevant content from massive databases, which automatizes the process and significantly increases its efficiency.

Web crawlers analyze websites and the internal links on them and understand the content on it, thus providing essential data that can be used for a myriad of business purposes. 

What Are the Potential Business Applications for It?

The potential business applications of spider bots are massive. For starters, web crawlers automate the process of searching the web and accumulating essential data, leaving you with more human resources to direct to more pressing issues.

Web crawlers can do a significant amount of research and store it in a viable medium, all while being as fast and cost-effective as possible. Businesses tend to use web crawlers for SEO, indexing, and analysis. 

Spider bots validate HTML code, allowing them to handle different requests such as HEAD, GET, and POST. Through these requests, a spider bot can accumulate and index ludicrous amounts of information on the website it’s crawling through. Because a web crawler operates in this way, it can extract data that isn’t available to regular visitors and index and analyze it to provide viable data. In short, a spider bot can give you all the necessary information on virtually anything you desire straight from the virtual landscape.

The Benefits

  • Cost-effective means of accumulating data
  • Simplifying data collection and cutting down on the time
  • Accessing otherwise inaccessible data and indexing it 
  • Providing key data points that can be used for streamlining internal operations

The Drawbacks 

  • It might not always be strictly legal to use a web crawler
  • A poorly designed spider bot can lack in performance
  • Some websites have integrated anti-spider protection

Are There Any Real-World Examples?

There are more than a few companies which make use of spider bots. Search engines such as Google have been the pioneers of this technology, as they use spider bots to index a vast amount of webpages. 

Other companies that make use of web crawlers are the ones that deal with massive data centers. Since the data discovery and analysis potential of spider bots is unrivaled by other software, it is ideal for data accumulation and analysis.

Other companies that make use of data crawlers are marketing companies. Data crawlers are fantastic at accumulating user information, allowing marketing companies to create huge mailing lists out of virtually nothing. 

Depending on the company, a data crawler can be specialized to fit their exact needs, opening up the doors for web crawler use to brand new industries.

How to Integrate It in Your Organization?

To integrate spider bot technology into your organization, you’ll need a spider bot to start with. Unless you have a viable workforce to create your spider bot, you can purchase one from many internet places.

After you’ve purchased it, you’ll need to set it up. That might be an intricate process in itself and will require an IT specialist. 

After you set up your web spider, you’ll need to set it loose. Allowing your crawler to roam freely will not accumulate the correct data, so you’ll have to target it. 

In short, using a spider bot isn’t as easy as purchasing software and running it – it will take time, effort, and management if you want to get the best results. 


Spider bots are at the forefront of data technology and are being used now more than ever. That’s why the number of companies and individuals who produce the crawlers and manage them have also been on the rise.

A spider bot can make your job a lot easier, and it’s a fantastic tool that can benefit your business in more ways than one. Just be careful, web crawlers can be illegal if you use them for illicit purposes.

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