What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car in Canada?

Have you acquired a new car or own an old car that you want to move across Canada? And you are in search of the cheapest ways to do this? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Before going ahead to learn about these methods, you need to understand that the price of shipping a car often varies due to various factors such as; the size of the car, the distance, the condition of the car, the shipping company, and more. These factors make it tricky to pick a method as the cheapest generally. To make it easy for you to compare the cost of each shipping method. Most top auto shipping companies like MVS Canada allow people to fill out a form to get quotes. This way, you can know which option fits your budget. 

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car in Canada

Car Shipping Via Train

The most economical mode of shipping cars based on carrier options is by train in Canada. Shipping a car via train is not only economical, but it’s also convenient, mainly if you’re covering a long distance. There are two train carriers for shipping cars; an enclosed rail car carrier and an open auto rail carrier. If you want your car to be protected from flying particles while on transit, you should consider choosing the enclosed rail car carrier. Transporting via rail helps protect your car from wear and tear caused by driving long distances to deliver a car. With train car shipping, you can track the location of your car while on transit.

Car Shipping Via Open truck

Open truck car shipping is the second most economical way of shipping cars in Canada. It involves using two-layered multi-car trailers to move cars from one location to another. Most open trucks can carry nine to eleven cars at a time, so even if you have an extra size car, an open truck is still suitable for you. With this mode of shipping, you can also enjoy front door delivery. 

Car Shipping Via Enclosed trailers

The enclosed car shipping method is similar to open truck car shipping. The only difference is that the cars transported are not exposed. The trailers are always covered either with a soft or hard covering. This shipping mode is safe, and your car paintwork and structure are protected from flying debris that could be caused by bad weather (hailstorm). However, enclosed may not be suitable for big cars. Simple because most enclosed trucks can only carry six to seven cars at a time, unlike open trucks.

Drive it Yourself

Driving yourself is probably the cheapest way of moving your car across the country. However, this method is stressful and not recommended for long-distance moves. 

Car Shipping Via Expedited trucks

Compared to the other options mentioned early, the cost of expedited truck shipping is a bit on the high end. However, it is the cheapest option available when it comes to shipping cars urgently. 

With this means of car shipping, your shipping company will reschedule other cars’ shipping and put yours as a top priority. If need be, your car can be the only car in the truck scheduled for shipment; this is done to help meet your set date and time.

Cheapest Ways of Shipping Cars Based on Mode Of Delivery

There are two main methods of drop-off and delivery when it comes to car shipping across Canada. These are; terminal to terminal car shipping and door to door shipping. 

Door to Door Shipping

Although a convenient means of shipping, door-to-door shipping is expensive compared to the terminal method of pick up and delivery. If you choose this means of shipping, you’ll have your car picked up and delivered to your doorstep by a car shipping company. With this shipping mode, cars are often moved in trucks. 

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping

For convenience, you could hire a hybrid service that can help drop off or pick up your car at the terminal. However, if you are keen on saving money, you could do this yourself. It involves dropping off a car at one terminal of one city and then picking up the car at the other terminal of another city. 

In Canada, most major cities have safe terminals, so if you don’t have a terminal in your location, you could easily find a terminal in a city nearby.

The significant terminals are located in the following cities; Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, and Winnipeg. 

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