What is new about mattress Dubai?

Sleep keeps the body refreshed to enable you to stay active throughout the day. Without sleep, the human body suffers fatigue, depression, and lack of coordination sets in finding a mattress that helps improve the quality of your sleep may be the key to energizing your body for another day. The right mattress Dubai offers maximum comfort, support the spine and help the muscles rest after a stressful day.

Top 5mattresses with new features


  • The cover is removable and washable.
  • The mattress is antimicrobial, dust-mite free, and prevents bad smell.
  • The mattress can be placed on flat surfaces and various bed frames.

Liberty mattress:

  • Goodmotion isolation.
  • Moisture-wickingabilities.
  • Materialsare toxic-free.

Sherwood mattress:

  • Customizablefirmness options.
  • Keepsthe spine aligned and maintains blood circulation.
  • Greatlumbar support.

Cleopatra mattress:

  • Goodedge support.
  • Relievespressure points.
  • Sleepscool. Good price point.

Zircon king:

  • Goodedge support.
  • Averagemotion isolation.

The best mattress according to your health

Product experts have picked our best mattresses for bad backs, hot sleepers, and more. Whether you are growing or grown, young or old, mum or dad- www.bedandpillows.com has the perfect bed and mattress for you. With over 42 years of experience going into every single one, we make from our U.A.E base. The simple beauty of waking up feeling rested, refreshed and ready-to-go is a luxury everyone should be afforded, which is why we offer a matter for every type of sleeper, whatever your age, size, or sleeping habits.

Handmade beds for a perfect night’s sleep

VI spring has unique expertise in the art of combining skilled craftsmanship and natural materials to create the perfect bed. Handcrafted according to your expectations and exact specifications our bed delivers comfort that satisfies each individual’s requirements.

A Premium Bed shop in Dubai

If you are looking for a premium bed and bed headboard in Dubai, then Zircon King is definitely the place to be for you.  Our carefully designed beds and headboards will help you enhance the look and feel of your bedroom by adding a unique touch of luxury, style, and comfort. The beds and headboards available at our boutique will not only enhance the aesthetic value of your bedrooms but will also improve the comfort level of your bedroom. By purchasing headboards and beds in Dubai from www.bedandpillows.com you will get to choose from an extensive variety of designs, colors, finishes, and fabric options.

KeyConsiderations When Choosing a Mattress in Dubai

Mattresses with removable, easy to clean covers are great as spills can always be washed off. Handles are needed for heavy models so they can be rotated easily.It is necessary to obtain the right firmness option you need. Some mattress brands give you the choice of changing or swapping layers for different firm options. The support provides also maintains the natural alignment of the spine and keeps the body in good posture. Cooling materials are infused in the top foams to keep the user cool and prevent heat buildup.

Different Sizes

Mattresses in Dubai are related to the UK and USA sizes. Mattress size is often dependent on the place of origin of the brand. When in need of a mattress, consider the size of the user – whether children, teenagers, overweight individuals, partners, or just one person. This helps you get the one suitable for your needs. When buying a mattress, it is good to go for the one you can afford. It is also necessary to buy one that can last for several years. Most quality models are affordable, and the luxury ones are – well, luxurious. So they may be not so budget-friendly. However, you can always find one that matches your purse.


Looking for a mattress or bed and dealing with this purchase casually may not help one in getting hands on the right sleeping partner. It is therefore important that one should deal with expert and reliable showrooms only and share his/her needs with the expert sales reps that will provide them with the best ultimate products that may best fit their needs. The body refreshes itself during sleep. How well you sleep affects your mood and your health. Your mattress may be causing you to sleep less. Poorly constructed models lead to restless tossing at night, body pains and prevent you from achieving deep sleep. It is important to get one that does not slack on quality, supports, and cushions your body.

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