What Is Interactive post Video?

Introducing an interactivepost video

The days when students simply passively consumed thee-learning content thrown at them are over. He doesn’t have the time orpatience for this, so he wants to put more in his time. And learning ande-learning are no exception. You see, we know it! And we are ready for thelearning trend of “timeless, but comprehensive.” So, let me introducethe concept of interactive post video! These movies draw viewers into thedialogue. It encourages them to listen and participate in the story, whileallowing them to decide what will happen next.

The emergence ofnon-linear storytelling

Interactive post films are the result of efforts to make theuse of e-learning content more attractive. The concept is pretty neat-anon-linear story in the form of a movie where viewers have to take every stepbefore continuing. We are confident that this interactive post storytellingmethod of e-learning will not only make learners positive, but will likelyspend more time on the learning process.

Let’s talk about interactivepost movies

You can make your movie interactive postby integrating many interactive post elements directly into your movie. Interactivepost aspects you can add include hotspots, questions, calculations, leadgeneration forms, and more. All types of video are interactive post andcustomizable, with virtually unlimited interactions. Therefore, when playing avideo, the interactions you add while viewing the viewer’s response willcontinue to appear as hotspots in the video. If there is no answer, or if it iswrong (if in doubt), the movie will not continue. Therefore, user involvementis essential for interactive post video.

Students areconstantly improving

Today’s digital students always have a smartphone. Smartphones are interactive post, the Internet is interactive post, and so are thedevices connected to it. Needless to say, the content you consume is alsointeractive post. Digital learners today are only happy if they have theability to control the learning process. And this is only possible thanks tothe advent of interactive post content on mobile, their favorite readingplatform.

Get the student’sattention

With the wealth of information available today, people findit difficult to consume traditional content. With a flood of information thatengulfs students in the topic of useless content, we sought to provide a way toturn traditional passive content into a compelling and engaging experience.Immersive learning of interactive post video not only draws the viewer’sattention, but also ensures that traditional traditional video does not alwaysfail.

Video as easy as DIY

We assume that these videos are as easy to create as a DIYcraft project. Overall, no programming or programming skills are required tobuild these skills. Asking the LMS administrator responsible for creating thesevideos, he says, creating interactive post videos is very easy. Moreover, thesimplest videos you create are as powerful as the more complex variations.

Engage students inreal time

Interactive post video attracts students in real time.Another aspect of these videos is the ability to re-watch user engagement inreal time. This is possible because if the viewer does not respond to theinteraction found in the video, the video will stop playing. This allows LMSadministrators to see and monitor at what stage of the learning process and inwhat part of the target group. As a result, students cannot simply play videosand roam the city. He must stay there, otherwise his program will never end.

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