What is Church Maintenance?

Christians have met in dedicated buildings for religious services since the 3rd century. The Vatican’s oldest part was built in 333 A.D. and the Church of Saint George and Cathedral of Trier were also built in the 4th century. From Egypt to France to Scandinavia, churches that have stood for hundreds of years remain essential religious and historical landmarks.

In Europe, 71 percent of people identify as Christians, while Pew Research Center reports 65 percent of Americans classify themselves as Christians. While pastors and priests look after the spiritual maintenance of believers, church maintenance staff look after the physical buildings and church grounds. Let’s look at some everyday church maintenance tasks.

Church maintenance involves preparations for events.


Church maintenance may be performed by a single janitor or a maintenance team. The number of maintenance staff required will depend on the size of the church and how frequently it’s used. Churches that hold daily services may need more maintenance staff than smaller churches that hold Sunday services and Bible studies in the middle of the week.

Event preparation is a crucial part of the maintenance team’s duties. The janitor must confirm which events are scheduled and ensure they have the supplies required for those events. For example, before Advent, the maintenance staff would confirm they have the Advent wreath and candles. They may also confer with the minister to determine if they should hang specific banners before Advent. The janitor performs similar tasks before Easter and Mother’s Day.

Maintenance staff also ensure the church has what it needs for monthly or weekly events, such as communion services. The janitor would ensure there were enough communion cups for the service. They may be responsible for setting the cups out on a tray and filling them before the service. If their church uses prefilled cups, they may open the cups. When supplies are low, the janitorial staff order more cups from their supplier. They’re also responsible for stocking communion bread or wafers and may be responsible for putting the communion wafers out on trays.

Building maintenance is a crucial part of church maintenance.


Church maintenance involves looking after critical building systems and ensuring the physical health of the church building. Maintenance staff may address emergency needs, such as unclogging toilets or scheduling routine HVAC system maintenance to keep the air conditioner and furnace operating correctly.

Maintenance staff also schedule professionals to perform repairs, such as gutter repair. A building’s gutters perform a critical task because they ensure water flows away from the roof. Blocked and damaged gutters enable water to stay on the roof. Eventually, the water will penetrate through the roof and leak inside the building, which can cause structural damage and lead to mold growth. Gutters can be damaged by debris, and high winds can detach gutters, preventing them from working correctly. Gutter repair experts can clean gutters, reattach them to your roofline, or replace broken gutters.

Janitors perform many ongoing routine tasks.


Cleaning facilities is an ongoing part of church maintenance. It’s crucial for floors to be swept, mopped, or vacuumed to remove salt and dirt from the building. The janitor will dust furniture regularly to prevent dust from building up inside, triggering people’s allergies.

Maintenance staff collect trash after services and church events and remove the trash from the building. They also check that windows are closed, and doors are locked, ensuring the building’s safety.

Church maintenance involves ordering routine supplies, including toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, paper, and other materials used regularly. Maintenance staff restock supplies as needed and use a weekly and monthly checklist to determine when to reorder.

Landscaping’s part of church maintenance.


Church maintenance also involves caring for the area outside the building. Maintenance staff may be responsible for shoveling sidewalks. They may operate equipment to clear snow from the parking lot or contract a snow removal service. The maintenance team also oversees the landscaping, ensuring the grass is mowed, and flowerbeds are maintained. Landscaping can also involve trimming tree branches and hedges.

Church maintenance involves caring for the church building and grounds. Maintaining a church involves performing multiple ongoing and seasonal tasks.

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