What Causes Pest Infestation?

Pest Infestation

Pest infestation is used to refer to the presence of a large number of organisms, such as rodents, roaches, spiders and insects, in your property which can either cause damage or cause diseases. Unfortunately, keeping pests away from your property entirely is often not possible because of environmental changes inside and outside the property. Discussed below are the various reasons why your property is infested with pests. Understanding these reasons will help in deciding the best preventative measures to take against pest infestation.

Neglecting your home

If you have clutter in your property, you need to get it organized as soon as possible, before a pest infestation or so that extermination can be done. Clutter encourages infestation of pests as they quickly find places to hide in your property when they search for shelter. Additionally, clutter will make parts of the property inaccessible, making it hard to notice pest infestation. To get the best service for pest control in Redding CA, contact Redding Spray Service, the best provider of commercial pest solutions.

Pests, such as Roaches, will enter your property to feed on leftover food, production waste and poorly stored raw materials if you do not have your property thoroughly cleaned. The pests also use the waste products to build new habitats. Ensuring that your property is clean and waste and debris are well disposed of every day will help prevent pests from entering your home.

Having regular house repairs and maintenance is very important for it ensures that cracks are sealed and places such as walls and rooftop are cleaned. Unfortunately, most people are often too busy to have regular house maintenance and end up spending more resources such as time and money to exterminate pests. Pests such as spiders often set up their webs along wall cracks and on the rooftop. Moreover, a home inspection done by experts will help identify termites that have infested your home to feed on your wood before the damage is irreparable.

You may sometimes carry pests such as bedbugs, which can attach themselves to your clothes, into your property without realizing it. Damage caused by pests and diseases will often signify the presence of pests in your home or property. For example, red bumps all over your skin are often signs of bedbugs or fleas on your property. For pest control redding ca ensure you have regular maintenance to avoid harmful diseases that may arise from unidentified pests in your property.

Seasonal and weather changes

Seasons and weather conditions are constantly changing. Unfortunately, the world is experiencing global warming effects due to environmental changes and this, in turn, results in extreme weather conditions. During scorching weather, pests look for shade and often end up on your property when trees and bushes have been cut down or cleared. During cold seasons, you will find pests in your property as they search for a warm space to shelter them from the cold. This means that there are seasons where you will have more pests in your home, while in others, you may have a pest-free home.

Extreme environmental conditions such as drought will cause pest infestation in your home as the pests look for food and water. In addition, to avoid being carried away by floods, pests will enter your property.

Loss of habitat

Changes in the environment always upset the ecosystem. For instance, Pests are known to live in the forests. However, the increase in forest land encroachment and deforestation for building purposes and infrastructure has led to the destruction of habitats. In turn, this has led to pest infestation as the organisms have been driven away from their habitats and into most people’s property as they search for shelter and food. When pests find a consistent food source in your property, they make new nests and begin reproduction. Within a short while, you will realize the increase in pests on your property if you do not exterminate them yourself or contact a professional exterminator.

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