What are Some Things you Should Never Buy Cheap?

There are certain things you should never cheap out on when you buy them. Some things are obvious such as medical services, a car, or anything else that could have serious consequences on your life and wellbeing.

But other times, there are things that many people will buy cheap, and then grow to regret it later on. Things that don’t necessarily seem like it should matter too much, but in the end, spending a little extra money can make all of the difference.

Even if you tell yourself that it won’t matter for you, I’m telling you it’s not worth it. I’m sure you would love to have that extra money you save to do something you like such as buying video games or something, but it’s better to get what you need now.

Besides, if you buy one expensive thing that will last you a long time, you will save money in the long run! If you have to buy a new pair of 50 dollar shoes every 2 years, you will in the end spend more money than if you bought a pair of 200 dollar shoes that last 10!

Then, you will have much more money to spend on things you enjoy such as video games, hanging out with friends, Sloto Cash casino, and all of the other little things people like to do with their time.


First and foremost, you should never cheap out on buying shoes. It is not going to end well for your feet, and it is not going to end well for your wallet.  You will only end up hurting yourself by not spending a couple of extra bucks.

As I mentioned before if you buy a pair of 50 dollar shoes every 2 years then you will end up spending more in the long run than if you had just bought a pair of 200 dollar shoes up front that will end up lasting you 10 years.

Think about it. Your shoes are the main way through which you interact with the world! Every step you take is putting stress on your shoes, and wearing them down a little bit. All the more so if your shoes don’t fit exactly right.

Besides, people don’t always walk perfectly, which means you are for sure going to be putting stresses on the seems of the shoes. As you walk around, bump into things, scrape your shoes against stuff, cross your legs, or whatever else, you are wearing out your shoes.

This means, if you have a cheap shoe, it is going to take much less time for something on the shoe to break than if you spent some more money on a better quality, better fitting shoe.

You may ask, what do the shoes not fitting just right have to do with how long they will last? Well, if your shoes don’t fit you properly, it is more likely that they are going to get worn out or damaged depending on how much they don’t fit you.

For instance, if your shoes are too big, your feet are going to slide around inside them. This means they will be scraping along the insides of the shoes, and more quickly wear out the insole and the inside walls of the shoe.

If your shoes are not big enough, then you are going to put stress on the seams of the shoes, and over time the upper and lower of the shoes can start to fray and split from each other. Specifically with shoes that have a glued together upper and lower.

And I’m not just saying this out of nowhere. As someone with very wide feet, I ran into both problems! My feet are too wide for my shoes, so it pushes out on the seems, and my feet were too small for the shoe so they slid around in them.

Let me explain. I have to buy shoes a couple of sizes up to accommodate my width. However, I don’t want my shoes to be ridiculously too big for me, so I only go a few sizes up from a 40 to a 44.

So, the shoes still aren’t perfect for my width, but at least they accommodate it more. However, my fit still cause the sides of the shoe to bulge out slightly. Combine this with my feet not being long enough to fill the shoes, and I wear them out quicker than most may.

This was particularly a problem when I was a bit more overweight, and my feet were wider. So, I had to get even bigger (closer to a 46 probably) and my feet really didn’t fit those shoes quite right. Thankfully, it’s a bit better now that I’ve lost weight.

But, in any case, you are really going to want to spend the money to get shoes that fit you properly and will last you a long time. Not only is it bad for your wallet, but there are also all of the side effects of wearing ill fitting shoes.


One more thing that is important to not cheap out on is your pillow. Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping. And most of the time we are going to spend sleeping is going to be spent sleeping in our beds.

Now, think about your sleep quality for a second. How many times have you had trouble sleeping, or woke up with neck pains or shoulder aches? Sometimes, it just seems like you can’t get comfortable right?

Well, this is why it’s important to spend some good money on a pillow that will help you sleep the best you can. Not getting enough sleep can ruin the next day for you, and it can ruin your morning to wake up with aches and pains from sleeping improperly.

So, experiment around! Find what works best for you and go for it! You can try feather pillows, faux feather pillows, foam pillows, gel pillows, rubber pillows (sounds strange, but it’s a real thing!), or whatever else you can find.

The important thing is to find what works well for you, to get the best sleep you can. I know, it can be a bit pricey, but think about it, what is worth more to you, the cash in your pocket, or the quality of life you have? You can make more money, you only get one life.


Finally, you shouldn’t cheap out on a coat. This is more going to apply to those of you who live in an area with cold or wet winters. But, a coat is something that you are going to really regret not spending a bit more money on.

I don’t know how many times I have regretted not having a nicer coat. It’s not that the coats I have aren’t nice, it’s just that they aren’t great for where I live.

It gets rainy and cold here during the winters and can snow. My coats are all fabric on the outside, and I don’t have a raincoat. This means, by coats aren’t warm enough, and they don’t keep the rain out.

Now, this is more important if you are someone who lives in a place that gets even colder. Find a coat you are able to live in. It is going to make your life so much more comfortable, and you are going to be rather thankful for it if you happen to get stuck out somewhere.

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