Get Special Gifts to Create Webkinz Profile Online Free Account

WebKinz is playable toy stuffed animal sold by Canada-based Ganz Company. Normally, toys look similar but WebKinz toys have a unique “Secret Code” that allow users to access to a WebKinz World, Where user can play online through virtual version. Lil ‘Kinz are smaller and cheaper version of Webkinz.Webkinz toys are available in US and Canada but people of all over the world can buy virtual pets through online eStore. This WebKinz Login process is very easy and sign in at

How to Manage WebKinz Login

If you have a Webkinz Profile then you can Sign In at This website is available in multiple languages and you can choose by clicking on the “Select Language” link at the top right side of the page.

Open any browser and go to

Click on “Log in “ button

Now a pop-up will appear, and enter your Username and Password

Click on the big purple button “Begin Playing”

Finally, start to using you WebKinz Account

Create a New WebKinz Account

If you want to play online at, then you must register for a WebKinz Account through your email id. For your convenience, some quick and easy steps to follow to create WebKinz Account. To register a Webkinz account, you need to pick one of the WebKinz pet.

Go to

This will direct you to Login Page, Where you select “Create an Account” Option

Give a name to your pet

Select the Gender of your pet, Click “Next Page”

Then give your personal details such as country name, date of birth and gender

Now, provide a username, password and parent’s email

Click the WebKinz World User Agreement, children private policy and chat rules

Reset or Recover your WebKinz Password

In case you forgot your password or enable to Sign In WebKinz Account, it’s recommended to reset or recover your password. You should also reset your password if you think that it is not strong enough.

To reset password procedure, you may go to login page and Click on the link “Forgot Log In”. Enter all the information in appropriate fields. Click on the “Submit” button. Now you can reset your password very easily.

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