A Self-Managed SuperFund (SMSF) is an excellent opportunity to invest in the future. ManyAustralians set up an SMSF to save up for their retirement. When one sets up anSMSF, they become the trustee of the fund and are entirely in control of theportfolios of its investments. They are also liable legally for the use of thefunds and have to adhere to the different tax laws.

The general publicopting for the scheme may not be well-versed on the extensive taxation andsuper laws. They hire accountants and auditors for this very purpose. Theycollect all your data and those of the other trustees of the fund as well.Maintaining SMSFs is a herculean task; accountants and auditors use SMSF software to collate thedifferent documents to help the trustees with the management and investmentdecisions.


SMSF software has many features that specificallycater to the trustees, the accountants and the auditors.

A.I. Controlled

The extensive amount ofdata that an SMSF generates requires many minds working on it. But the A.I.Controlled software does this with ease. This software can scan the documentsand enter the data from that hard copy onto the software’s interface. Thussaving a lot of time and labour as there is no manual entry of data required.The A.I. is also able to process this data and perform the necessarycalculations on it. It can do this individually for every trustee and everySMSF account held by the accountant.

Bulk Processing of Documentsand Transactions

Once entered onto thesystem, the software can track the different expenditures and movements of thevarious SMSF accounts. This data collection significantly reduces the burden onthe accountants handling multiple SMSF trustees, as is usually the case. Thesoftware also collects and processes the different documents generated fromthese transactions. These documents are vital when computing quarterly,half-yearly and annual returns on the funds’ investments, and also TBAR reports that areseparate from this.

Besides computingreturns, the software also automatically generates taxation statements forevery individual client. These statements follow the latest taxation and superlaws. The regular updating of the software by its developers ensures that itmatches the latest Australian Government stipulations. The software also checksif the funds used, comply with the laws governing the use of super funds. Thusthe trustees can feel safe knowing the use of their funds is within legalboundaries.

One can also order thenecessary legal documents and actuarial certificates required.

Maintenance of Data

The entered data fromthe different SMSF accounts undergo different types of processing by the SMSF software. It storesthe entered data on cloud servers for ease of access and also conducts over 150data checks to eliminate errors. The software reflects real-time data. With theentry of more data onto the software of each SMSF account, it updates itself.

The accountants can usethe different features of the software to put the data through multipleprocesses and gain the necessary information (data mining). The software alsoprovides a dashboard; all essential information is available at a glance. Usingthis, the accountant or auditor can create reports for the client on thesoftware itself.SMSFs are an investment in the future; settingup these funds is beneficial to people over the years. The returns from an SMSFaccumulate into pensions during the retirement period of the fund’s trustees.The setup and maintenance of these funds require extensive knowledge andeffort. Both the trustee and their accountants or auditors will have to spendlarge amounts of time on the SMSF. SMSF software has been a great boon in this respect toefficiently manage the data and documentation generated from the use of thesefunds and collate them for maintaining the SMSF

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