Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2020-2021

Placing a proper set of user experience and interface adjustments to your business operations builds retention among consumers concerned with COVID-19 pandemics health precaution measures. The changes in consumer habits should shape the way brands communicate with their audience. We tried to avoid guesswork and analyzed the latest UI/UX consumers’ needs to let you in on the best design strategies for the upcoming season.

Digital Signage

Keeping the customers well served in your store in times of restricted movement is challenged by social distancing measures and the limited number of people allowed or willing to stay in a closed environment. However, digital signage equipment features a series of benefits that allow a seamless content distribution with remote and on-site control abilities. In times of lockdown, being able to manage your content online is of vital significance.

Digital billboards can show the latest product sales or special offers, while stand up solutions allow the point of service advantages in shortage of human employees, whatever the cause for the lack of work power might be. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence software enhances the effectiveness of your efforts through numerous aspects. Mainly, the software serves a personalized experience for every user based on previous purchases, online data, and overall brand interaction history. The use of AI technology in content distribution lets your digital posters, banners, and other types of signage publish only the information that might be of interest to the nearest audience.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Direct physical contact is the most common method of virus infection, which is why people nowadays avoid touching screens and buttons in public places. However, the advent of natural language voice processing technology allows the development of Voice User Interface design solutions that will support the current need for contactless interaction.
Implementing a VUI solution in combination with a stand-up digital signage device allows you to cut down the number of people in your store. A customer could stand in front of a screen and issue voice commands to place an order or ask for information about a certain product.
According to most recent statistics, there are more than 4 billion voice assistant users in the world today, with the expectation of a rising trend that is projected to hit over 8 billion users by 2024. Introducing speech interaction between a man and a machine is a crucial action to take in today’s and the near future market situation.
The need for virtual assistance goes beyond onsite user experience, as the Virtual Assistant software further improves, customers will raise their expectations and soon they’ll ask for voice control feature available with almost every piece of hardware and software.

Password-Free Login

Mercator Advisory Group issued a report recently that forecasts the growth of biometric identification feature usage that should reach 66 percent of mobile phone users by 2024. To understand the scale of this growth, the report authors compared the current market share situation which shows that around 41 percent of users in 2020 prefer biometric login while only last year, in 2019, just above 27 percent of consumers used fingerprint scanners, face recognition, and other forms of biometric identification regularly, said Lisa O. from Mimy Online.
The main advantage of this form of data protection is the facilitated access to the user account, as well as the absence of potential password misplacement or unsanctioned third-party usage. Keeping in mind that mobile devices are responsible for the majority of the online traffic, investing in user interface improvements like this one is a secure path to improved user experience and consequently retention and conversion rate.


The changes in the social and commercial interaction, ushered by the COVID-19 pandemic, force the marketers’ hands to vigilantly work on the development of appropriate UI and UX design adjustments. As the current situation is not appearing to be any closer to its conclusion, keeping up with the latest industry trends and recognizing the most important changes for your business if of paramount importance.

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