Types of Women’s Heels

Many women’s shoes have heels, ranging from low to high and straight to curved. Each heel has a distinct function and may be worn with various clothing, circumstances, and moods. You’ll learn about the many high heel designs, heel names, heel shapes, and heights accessible in this post. Use this guide and shop for women’s heels that best suit you and your style.

Block Heels

The blockheel gets its name because it’s a big block with more surface area than anarrow form. Block heels are fantastic because they make it easier to walk thanother types of heels. Further, their aesthetic appeal makes them a popular typeof heels at this time. Square and rectangular block heels are standard.However, block heels can also have a rounded form that mimics a cylinder.

Stiletto Heels

Thestiletto is a slim shoe that may be seen in various styles, and its heels arehigh. Pointed pumps and summer sandals with straps commonly have stilettoheels. Stiletto heels are a type of high heel made of metal. If you are lookingfor high-heeled sandals perfect for summer outfits, shop for women’s heels available in stiletto varieties.

Cuban Heels

The Cubanheel is a chunkier, blockier variant of the block heel. Cuban heels aretypically seen in more sturdy shoes and boots, such as cowboy boots and combatboots, ranging in height from medium to high.

Cone Heels

The ice cream cone heel consists of the heel portion of the shoethat begins at the base and gradually narrows. From ankle boots to sandals, allkinds of shoes have tapered heels, and the heel height is arbitrary. It’s aboutthe same height as a kitten’s heel.

Kitten Heels

Kittenheels are little, slender heels identified mainly by their height. The standardsize is 13 inches. Kitten heels are popular and may be seen in ankle boots,pumps, mules, and sandals. Stack heels and comma heels are examples of thisheel in various forms and sizes. Many ladies favour kitten heels because theyare more attractive than ordinary flats and are easier to walk in than highheels.

Wedge Heels

Wedge heelsare a great alternative when it comes to comfy heels. The heel of the wedgeheels does not detach from the sole and runs the length of the outsole withoutinterruption. The user’s weight is distributed equally over the base of thefoot as a result. Wedge heels make walking and standing much simpler. 

To make the heel significantly higher, wedge heels can be madeon the platform beneath the base of the toes. Sandals, peep toes, and boots alluse this heel style. Espadrilles with rope wrapping are popular wedge heels.Cork wedge heels were a huge hit at one time. Leather is one of the many materialsthat may be used to cover wedge heels.

French Heels

Like acorset, the heel is made to shrink halfway. Pump-style shoes with pointy oralmond-shaped toes are commonly seen with French heels. Pompadourheels and Louis heels are two names for French heels.

Stacked Heel

This is a heel withdelicate horizontal stripes constructed of a thin layer of material, generally,leather or wood, stacked on top of each other. Leather or another fabric can beused to cover the stacked heel. Cowboy boots and different boots with thickheels, such as block heels, cone heels, and Cuban heels, featured stack heelsthe most. Elegant ankle boots have this sort of heel.

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