Types of Packaging Boxes for your Fragile & Delicate Products

Types of Product Packaging Boxes

Product packaging is an important part of the promotion of the product. It allows the firms to attract more buyers. Moreover, it is also important to protect the products. There is no other way of transferring the products safely. Also, products also need protection when they are present on the shelves in the shops. This protection is provided by custom boxes wholesale packing. It makes sure that companies provide complete protection to the product, that too on wholesale rates. You can save a lot of money and makes the packaging economical.

Types of CustomBoxes:

There are distinct types of custom boxes available in the market. Each one is for a specific purpose. Here are some of them:

Custom cardboardboxes:

Cardboard is a common material. Companies use it to preparea lot of boxes. It is a suitable packaging material. Therefore, many kinds ofboxes are made from it. It is hard and strong. Whereas, it is not so heavy. Itis light and portable. It makes up for perfect packaging material. Some kindsof boxes prepared from it are:


Companies use these when they have to transfer theirproducts over long distances. Products are prepared in the factories. These arepresent far away from the actual customers. Therefore, companies send theirproducts to retailers. They display these products in their shops. It isimportant to protect the products while they are shipped. Companies ship a lotof products at one time. These are packed tightly to reduce the space.

Therefore, companies use the best cardboard boxes to make sure that the product remains safe during transport.


These boxes allow the companies to ship their productswithout any worries. They do not have to worry about the product gettingdamaged. If customers receive a damaged product, they will not buy it. Instead,they will develop a bad impression of the company. Therefore, it is importantto protect the products during shipping.

Display boxes:

Once the products reach the retailers, they display them on the shelves. Whenever a customer enters, their attention goes towards the product that looks the most unique. Therefore, to give a unique outlook to the product, it is important to use creative packaging. This is possible by using custom boxes. These chines food boxes which are used to display products are called display boxes.


These boxes also protect the product. If by mistake, products slip from the hands of the customer, they might break. Therefore, to prevent any such mishap, these boxes are made from strong material. It makes sure that products remain safe on the shelves. Moreover, companies can add a lot of details and customizations to the boxes. It gives a unique outlook to the box. Therefore, such products catch the attention of the customers. This makes custom boxes wholesale packaging very important.

Gift Boxes:

Special custom boxes that people use to pack gifts arecalled gift boxes. These boxes are also very important. People receive and givegifts at various moments in their life. These include birthdays, anniversaries,marriages, and festivals. Moreover, gifts help to make the bond between peoplestrong. It is important to pack the gift uniquely also. This increases thebeauty and value of the gift. Therefore, these boxes are very important.


People need to protect gifts at all costs. They spend a lotof money on buying the perfect gift for their loved ones. So, if the gift getsdamaged, it will waste not only their efforts but also their money. Therefore,they use custom boxes. These boxes make sure that the gift remains protected inall conditions. Moreover, it is also important to make the gift attractive.This is only possible by using customizations. Companies can customizecardboard boxes easily. It allows people to design a box that suits the gift.Such boxes increase the worth and importance of the gift.

Important features:

Custom boxes wholesale packaging is getting famous now. There must be some reason for this fame. A lot of companies are using these boxes to promote their product. Let us look into some of the reasons:


As the name suggests, these boxes are customizable. It meansthat companies can alter these boxes to make them look cool and attractive.Moreover, they can try new colors and different shapes. Colors make the productunique. It catches the attention of the buyers easily. Whereas, it also allowsthe company to target a specific audience. People are also attracted by the useof different shapes.


These boxes are available at cheap rates. It means thatcompanies can purchase them in bulk, that too on less price. Therefore, itallows them to buy a lot of boxes at once. Moreover, it does not cause a largedent in their pocket. They can also sell the product at wholesale rates then.It makes these boxes more important.

Eco-friendly andrecyclable:

These boxes are eco-friendly. People can dispose of theseeasily after using them. Moreover, these are also recyclable. It means thatcompanies can use old boxes and convert them into new ones.

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