Top gaming seats in Singapore

Have you ever experienced back and neck pains alongside other distracting discomforts while you are gaming? If yes, you know exactly how it costs. While such discomforts are expected, you can control them. Simply find the ideal gaming chair in Singapore, and all your worries will be in control. With the right chair, you will find yourself having more fun and extend your kill streaks without feeling pain in your neck. Although finding the best gaming chair in Singapore is tricky, the article will make your shopping easy. Here are the top Razer gaming chairs to choose from while shopping in Singapore.

Secretlab Titan – best for lumbar support and headrest

This chair offers users a vast chair area and simple adjustment alternatives for pitch, arms, and height. It features an integrated and adjustable lumbar support in its backrest to provide maximum comfort, which is ideal for long-hour gaming. Additionally, the seat comes with various customization options from design and color to upholstery. A user can choose from multiple Secretlab designs, special editions, and eSport editions from the catalog. This gaming seat is designed for durability, thanks to its sporting aluminum shell material, massive class four hydraulics, and aluminum wheelbase. For the top Razer gaming chairs within Singapore, Secretlab TITAN is the best pick.

Apol Kraken- ideal for all-around value

This chair has several distinct characteristics that no gaming chair has. With this type of chair, the customer chooses the fabric they want, whether fabric or PU leather. The chair also comes in two colors to allow users to select one that meets their interests; Carbon black and fossil grey for PU leathers and charcoal plus ash storm for fabric. Apol Kraken features a full-size backrest, a class four hydraulics, and a 4D adjustable armrest.

DXRacer King series KS06- most affable for work and gaming use.

If you need a multipurpose seat that you can use for gaming and working, then the DXRacer King series is the ideal gaming seat in Singapore for you. The chair is simple but incorporates every feature you need. This chair is made of metal, and its padding is coated with leather for durability. You can adjust its backrest to one hundred and thirty-five degrees, ideal for adequate rest during a break from working or gaming. While this chair is not cheap, it is worth dishing out more coins for.

Vertgear PL500- ideal for ample-spectrum RGB LED glinting.

For an exciting gaming encounter, you need Vertgear PL500. The chair comes with wireless control processes like personal computers and mobile amalgamation for comprehensive RGB LED lighting. It perfectly syncs with the audio stirring games like DOTS and OVERWATCH. Uniquely the chair has its seat and backrest stuffed with coffee fiber to prevent odor and ensure total hygiene.


Investing in a good gaming chair is ideal for comfort and posture while gaming. However, finding a suitable chair perfect for your needs is not easy as there are several chairs in the market, but not all can deliver the quality you need. For this reason, the above list of top razor gaming chairs in Singapore will help you make an informed choice.

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