Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Windows Reseller Hosting Plan

Among numerous web hosting services available,picking the right one for your reseller hosting business is a task. Generally,the reseller hosting plan can be distinguished by the operating system runningat the system’s core. On this basis, the two popular reseller hosting servicesyou can find are – Linux and Windows reseller hosting.

Since many computer users have grown upworking on the Windows system, the Windows reseller hosting plan is easilymanageable comparatively. Also, its user-friendly interface can make even thosewho have never worked with Windows OS quickly used to its environment. In thisarticle, we will provide you with insights into the top five ways to pick thebest Windows reseller hosting plan for your online business. However, let usfirst pour some light on the description of Windows reseller hosting.

What is Windows reseller Hosting?

The reseller web hosting plan allows you toresell the web hosting services from the parent company to your end-users. Itis a cost-effective business as you do not have to invest in anything otherthan buying hosting plans that you can resell. The hardware, infrastructure,server, and other hosting-related stuff are operated and maintained by theparent hosting company. You can begin your reseller hosting business by beinganywhere around the world. All you need to have is an internet connection torun your services.

When Windows is utilized as the operatingsystem in the reseller hosting, you get what we call Windows hosting resellerpackages. The Windows reseller hosting serves GUI and is a hassle-freeplatform. As a result, it becomes most accessible for you to handle the hostingservices you resell with utmost ease. The best Windows reseller hostingprovides you with the following benefits –

  • An additional layer of securitysince Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation
  • High support to .Net technologies
  • Great reliability
  • Better compatibility
  • Enhanced features with regular andeasy updates

Let us proceed further and discuss how you canopt for the best Windows reseller hosting plan that can perfectly serve yourhosting business needs.

Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Windows Reseller Hosting Plan

Mentioned below are the crucial fivesuggestions that you must consider to buy the best Windows reseller hostingplan from a parent web hosting company. Take a quick peep into these tips!

1. Pricing

You must acquire thebest Windows reseller hosting plan at feasible rates so that you can resell thehosting services at nominal prices to your end customers.

2. Client Reviews

Make sure that thehosting company you are seeking to choose has good client reviews. That isbecause, no matter what the company claims, the customer review providesreliable feedback about the company’s hosting services.

3. Security and Scalability

You must get theassurance of full security of your and your customers’ data with the resellerhosting plan. This helps to ensure the integrity of your own company or brand.At the same time, you must confirm that your plan is scalable. This enables youto expand your web business without any limitations and difficulties.

4. Optimized Performance

The parent company mustrender resilient enterprise-grade hardware based on modern technology. It canhelp you attain the optimized performance of your online business with the bestWindows reseller hosting.

5. Round the clock technical support

Certainly, you would notwant to let your and your customers’ sites face downtime or work at a slowspeed due to any glitch. Thus, your hosting company must provide you 24/7technical support from experts who can give instant responses and solutions.

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Find the Best Windows Reseller Hosting Provider in India

You can find the above-discussed factors witha reliable and renowned hosting company. One of the industry-leading hostingcompanies that we can recommend here is the Wise Solution. Wise Solution is astand-alone web hosting company, which has gained various awards for providinghigh-class hosting services worldwide. It is popularly recognized for renderingthe best Windows reseller hosting plans at the most affordable prices. Itrenders seamless, flexible, and secure network connectivity with the hostingplans to enable its clients to boost their business at every stage. Along withthe discussed factors in the previous section, the company offers a lot moreprivileges and benefits. Some of them are –

  • Unlimited websites hostingobstructions under a single cPanel account
  • 100% SSD Storage for one-click webpage loading experience
  • Twenty-times faster speed withCloudflare CDN
  • Web Host Management tool buildingand handling cPanel accounts effortlessly
  • Free website builder tool tocreate your site without any considerable programming coding and skills
  • Softaculous one-click installer
  • Malware scan and protection alongwith other advanced security measures
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 100% White-labeled system
  • 100% Uptime network guarantee andmuch more.


The Wise Solution offers a broad range of web hosting services in India so that you can pick the most suitable one for your web business. All of them are highly scalable and come with high customization properties. You also get the freedom to locate the data center near the place you want for the flawless performance and security of your online business. Moreover, the company provides a 7-day money-back guarantee with all the hosting plans to secure your money and time. For more detailed information about the company’s best Windows reseller hosting services, check out its website right away –

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