Top 3 Signs You Need a Lawyer After a Car Wreck

Did you know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows 6,269,000 police-reported car accidents in the U.S.? That breaks down to about 17,250 car accidents per day.

You want to make sure you’re prepared if you ever get into a car accident. Keep reading and we will guide you through the top three signs you should consider hiring a lawyer if you’re involved in a car wreck.

When you get into a car accident there is a lot to take into account. Are you injured? Is it clear who’s fault it is? How much damage has been done to both cars?

Your mind will be racing with questions, you need to take step back, take a deep breath and think through these top three signs to decide if you need to hire a lawyer.

1. If You Can’t Tell Who’s At Fault

If it’s unclear who’s at fault, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. Someone will be held liable for the accident and will be held accountable to pay for damages on both sides.

If there are more than two parties involved, it’s all the more reason to consult a lawyer. These cases can get messy and you don’t want to be caught in the mix of confusion.

Your lawyer will be able to walk you through the police report and understand how they can help build your case. You want to consult a lawyer so you can explain what happened and they are there to help you determine your next steps.

2. Is Any Party Injured?

Did you know that over 2 million people in America experience whiplash a year? The most common cause is front or rear car accidents.

From whiplash to more serious injuries, you want to make sure you file a claim with your insurance. You will need a lawyer because they will ensure you file it correctly.

If you need to have surgery or the injury prevents you from working, you want to make sure you’re able to prove to your work what happened. A lawyer will take care of all of this for you.

3. Insurance Claims

There can be many issues with insurance when you’re in a car accident. It’s best to consult a lawyer from the start to avoid these issues.

For example, if you’re injured and the party that caused the accident disputes your claim or says to their insurance that there isn’t enough evidence, their insurance may not cover your cost for recovery. This is why it’s important to have your lawyer handle it.

After walking through the three signs that you should consult a lawyer, you should also review your options.

Find the right lawyer that has the right expertise to help with your case.

What To Do After A Car Wreck

If you’re ever in a car wreck, be prepared to reach out to a lawyer right away.

You should think through the top three signs so you can give your lawyer some context and they can determine how they can help.

Research your options or keep reading about the latest news in retirement today.

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