Top 10 YouTube Video Editor Tools:

Many of us may remember using YouTube’s in-house video editing tool back in the stone ages of YouTube video uploading. Fast forward to modern-day, and we are flooded with options now. Editing our videos for YouTube can now be done on one of the widely available video editor tools. You have open access to a plethora of editing features, which can end up giving an all-new look to your video content. Let’s look at some popular video editing tools for YouTubers.

  1. Machete Video Editor Lite – If you are not much of a video editor but want a simple solution to your editing needs, this tool can be handy. It cannot be used to do audio editing and supports only AVI and WMV files. You can run your compatible files on Machete and cut, copy and join sections of video clips in an effortless manner. Another vivacious, apart from the simplicity, is that Machete doesn’t re-encode your video and, thus, maintains the video quality.
  1. Shotcut – It is an open-source editing tool used for free across Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Its simple interface comprises useful features. It has fully customizable video and audio filters, and it offers a non-linear editing experience. You can make changes to your video throughout your working in Shotcut. Linux users have found it easier to use, but any user can learn to use its FAQs and guidelines better. Shotcut is an affordable way of creating professional videos that are easily exported in high-quality.
  1. Wondershare Filmora 9 – Filmora 9 is equally popular among beginners and professional video editors. It is particularly useful to merge different clips into one sleek video. You can import hundreds of layers into the dashboard, use its filters, overlays, and transitions to give a whole new look to your video. It is easy to add music to video online using Filmora 9, due to its excellent audio features. That includes key-framing audio features, erasing background noise, and equalizers. If you are into mobile editing, you can use the Filmora Go, while Filmora Screen lets you record and edit on-screen videos.
  1. VSDC Free Video Editor – For YouTube vloggers, VSDC is ideal for its webcam recording option. Alternatively, you can also load available clips into VSDC for editing. You can also export videos directly to YouTube or other social media platforms. It is a free platform and is relatively easy to use. Among the features, VSDC offers Instagram-like filters and other audio and video effects like inserting voiceovers, titles, and shapes. It also provides advanced video features like color correction and object transformation. They have a free version and a $20 pro version. The latter gives you access to their technical support.
  1. DaVinci Resolve 15 – It is another free video editing tool that offers a host of online and offline features. You also get many audio and visual post-production effects. It is easy to incorporate color correction, color grading, and motion graphics into your videos through DaVinci. It provides an intuitive interface that can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Videos edited using the DaVinci Resolve are free from any watermark.
  2. Lightworks 14 – Lightworks is just as good as other social media platforms or even 4K video projects. It has been used by editors of many well-known Hollywood movies and is used by camera personnel, sound engineers, and vloggers. Its simple interface offers easy timeline-based editing and trimming features. It also offers 3D video processing with multichannel support. To get used to its editor management system, you may need some on-the-job time and how-to guides. It has a free and a pro version, both of which can be used in Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.
  1. Openshot – It is another cross-platform video editor that can be used on Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is an easy to use platform for you to trim and slice your videos. You can use its animation framework, invert colors, remove background noise, adjust brightness, and a lot more in Openshot. You can add unlimited layers of background video and audio, and watermarks using Openshot.
  1. Blender – An ideal video editor for 3D graphics incorporation, Blender is an open-source and cross-platform tool used by 3D professionals and beginners. Its features make Blender a video editor with an impressive 3D animation suite. It provides 32 slots to incorporate audio, video, images, and effects. Functions like modeling, rendering, motion tracking, and video editing features like layering, filters, transitions, and speed controls make it an exhaustive suite of editing features. 
  1. Premier Pro – If you are looking for a high-end video maker for YouTube, you don’t need to look too far beyond Premiere Pro. You can edit high-quality videos with features like color grading, motion graphic visualization, background noise removal, and other audio tools. It can be used by Mac and Windows users. If you like mobile editing, Premiere Rush CC lets you edit your videos and share them directly on YouTube. 
  1. InVideo – This tool is ideal for those video creators looking to incorporate interesting video processing features into their videos. It has many ready-to-use templates and 3D compositional elements. You can trip your clips, adjust its colors, use video masks, green screen chroma keys, and export the final output. You may have to pay for some of the high-end features. You can edit 360 degrees and 4K videos using InVideo, and it works on Mac and Windows.

There are numerous YouTube video editors and other tools compatible with YouTube. In this list, you get a peek at some of them, ranging from the simplest and the most affordable to the pricey high-end ones. Your ideal editing tool would depend on the type of video content you upload on YouTube. Besides, your comfort level with the tool and your budget are other essential considerations. With the right tool, we hope you can create videos that reach your expected subscribers and engagement.

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