Top 10 Best Pickup Upgrades & Mods in 2021

If you’re like most pickup owners, you’ve already customized your vehicle with some useful upgrades. But there are always more ways to transform it into your dream machine. Check out these great ideas for tricking out your truck in 2021.

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Mats

As a top choice in car floor mats, Husky Liners WeatherBeaters use laser scanning FormFit Design technology for a precise fit. With liquid channels and a raised outer edge, WeatherBeaters trap debris and keep it away from your floors.

CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers

Custom fit seat covers are another great option for protecting your interiors. CalTrend’s NeoSupreme Seat Covers are soft, durable and fit your seats like a wetsuit. They’re water-repellent, UV-resistant and come in 15 different color choices.

BAK Industries BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Covers

BAK Industries’ BAKFlip MX4 folding covers offer world-class truck bed protection with key features like a premium density foam core, sturdy aluminum panels and EPDM outer rail seals to channel water away from your truck bed. The MX4 handles up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

Power Stop Brake Kits

Power Stop brake kits include some of the best performance parts on the market. Each kit contains a full set of brakes for car with low-dust carbon-fiber-reinforced ceramic pads plus drilled and slotted rotors. Some kits also contain replacement red-coated calipers. Choose from towing, sport, street and standard performance kits.

Bushwacker Fender Flares

Fender flares look great, but they also deliver added coverage for larger wheels. Bushwacker fender flares contain DuraFlex 2000 thermoplastic that’s 100% UV-resistant and doesn’t crack or warp. Bushwacker has many different models, all easy to install and custom-crafted to fit your truck.

ProComp Xtreme MT2 Radial Tires

ProComp Xtreme MT2 radial tires provide exceptional traction from the pavement to the muddiest backcountry trails. The Xtreme MT2 includes a two-step tread block design, alternating shoulder lugs and rock-rejection ribs.

AMP Research Power Step Running Boards

AMP Research Power Step running boards are made from sturdy high-strength aluminum. Equipped with heavy-duty motors, they can handle up to 600 pounds. Opening and closing your doors activate their auto-extend and retract feature. Integrated LED lighting plus plug-and-play installation make these running boards a winning choice.

ReadyLIFT Lift Kits

ReadyLIFT’s Off Road Lift Kit fits both on- and off-road vehicles with improved ride handling and up to 5 inches of lift. Other key features include SST9000 performance shocks, an anti-wobble Trac Bar and durable urethane bushings. For another great option, check out the ReadyLIFT SST Lift Kit.

Rhino-Rack Aero Roof Rack System

Rhino-Rack’s Aero Vortex roof rack system transports everything from kayaks to luggage. With an integrated locking system, durable lightweight aluminum bars and a reinforcing H-shaped core, it’s a solid option for carrying your gear.

Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop Tent

With a total load capacity of 660 pounds, Smittybilt’s Overlander rooftop tent offers heavy-duty water protection and comfort. The Overlander sleeps up to three people and includes interior LED lighting and a 60-millimeter high-density foam mattress.

Whether you work hard or play hard, you count on your pickup truck’s performance and comfort. For these and other great upgrades, shop at a reputable auto parts and accessories dealer.

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