Tips to find USAA Routing Number

If your account is in the United States, you can locate the USAA Routing Number from your financial institution or bank on one of your checks.

At the bottom of your check, there are three sets of numbers. The routing number is usually the first nine numbers in the lower left. The account number is the second set of numbers.

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You may want to know what the routing number is. It is a 9-digit number. The first four digits of that number identify the Federal Reserve Bank check processing centre. The following four numbers represent the particular bank that handles the check. The last number is the validation check digit calculated using the special formula used in the previous eight numbers.

The next set of numbers at the bottom left of the check is your bank account number. It remains the same for all personal checks. Then you’ll see the third set of numbers, usually telling you which check number you’re using.

Like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, many banks have many routing numbers, but USAA is very simple because they haven’t been through a bunch of M & M&A. That is why some of these national banks have as many numbers as they do.

The USAA Federal Savings Bank was founded in 1922 when 22 Army officers ensured each other’s vehicles. They have expanded rapidly, and today they are one of the most respected and respected insurers in the nation.

  • How to find your USAA routing number
  • Different routing number for wireless transfers
  • National wireless transfers
  • International wireless transfers

How to find your USAA routing number

You can find an USAA Routing Number on your check. The routing number is ABA, always a nine-digit number. You can change the others depending on the bank. The routing number and the account number are next to those three squares, as a machine reads them.

Sometimes the account number is extremely long with a few leading zeros, so there is no ambiguity.

You can confirm an ABA router number with the American Bankers Association’s ABA Routing Number Lookup Tool if you are unsure.

Different routing number for wireless transfers

If you need to get bank transfers, whether national or international, there is a different number. The ABA routing number is for transfers only BUT.

When sending bank transfers, the USAA address is:

USAA Federal Savings Bank

10750 McDermott Highway

San Antonio, TX 78288

National wireless transfers

For wire transfers from home, you’ll want to use the wireless highway transit number 121000248.

International wireless transfers

International wire transfers are a bit more difficult because USAA uses the Mellon Bank of New York as an intermediary to obtain international wire transfers that require a SWIFT code.

Your International Bank Transfer (SWIFT / BIC code) is IRVTUS3NXXX, and you will need to provide this information:

Then in the final credit field for recipients, be sure to include your account number, full name, and physical address.

If you do not require a SWIFT code, you can use the transit route number with the same address. Your account number, full name, and physical address will be a credit to the recipient.

You may know the USAA Routing Number because it was mailed to you when you first opened your account.

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