Three types of Access Control systems

Access control systems are the main hub points from where the high-tech door locks and electronic looking stems are controlled, privileges granted, permissions are made, and data logged on a Security System. This means to keep check of all parts of a security system from a single one stop shop.

This provides many benefits as the system provides continued and updated security for the home or office. Certainly, there is much more to know about access control systems. As they can be complex to understand but easy to use.

Let us start with the types and the specific features they hold.


The three main types of access control systems that are prevalent in the market and included in CFA Security portfolios are the following ones with their own special features.

  1. PC/Server Based

The first type of the access control system is the PC or a server-based system that is placed inside the home or commercial location with all the data and access granted at a single one stop shop for the user to manage. This benefits the security system as the surveillance data is stored locally and can be retrieved easily. But the drawback is the less security and portability, or remote access of the access control logs and data itself. PC/server should be able to use physical hard drives and personal should be at the station to use and make changes as necessary to the access control system for the security system.

  1. Browser Based

One step up in the modern technology is the browser-based access control system for the prevalent security systems. Browser based access controls are bit complex to understand and use because of the hard code involved sometimes. 

They are easy to access from a remote location and data or backup tapes for the surveillance system can be view and copied remotely. Browser based access controls have the software of the security system stored on the modem or any other device at the physical location and the user can access the browser-based access control system from their phone or PC just by entering address of the modem and connecting to the server.

 This system is complex to maintain, and data is still sometimes stored on physical drives.

  1. Cloud Based

The latest technology available to the humans today is the cloud-based technology for security systems. These systems are very efficient and cost effective. Access control systems that rely on cloud-based system are easy to maintain and make changes. The access logs can be easily retrieved everywhere on the planet. Data is stored on cloud servers and properly backed up.

These systems eliminate the need to have physical location installed with access control software. 

Everything is available on the cloud and the user can access control of the security system to make changes, grant permissions to all the electronic locks and card readers attached to the security system along with driveway loops to monitor and direct the flow of traffic in the company or house car park.

What, When and Where

Three types of access controls available for the security systems means to choose from one that suits the most to the real functioning environment.

PC/server-based access control can be used in locations where much data monitoring is not done, and the security systems are separate to ensure safety of the data from the locks and surveillance.

Browser-based access control can be placed in systems where there is not much need to make changes and a moderate need to monitor employee activity.

Cloud-based systems can be placed in places where there is a lot of data monitoring and surveillance have to be done and data need to be viewed remotely and excessively.


Access controls are of different types and CFA Security excels in all of them as the experienced security systems provides with service and installation for about more than 20 years of reputable industry portfolio. 

  • Electronically Lock & Secure Exterior & Interior Doors
  • Control & Record Who Enters Your Site and When
  • No Keys!  Issue Key Card Entry, Fobs or Access Keypad
  • Set-up to Work with Reception Area
  • Combine With Intercoms, Video & Door Release Systems
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Excellent Gate Keeper for Pools, Condos & Centers
  • New Installations, Repairs & Upgrades
  • Licensed & Insured Access Control Installation Company

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