The Ratchelor Game Walk Through

The ratchelor is a rat bachelor game . Players need to play a mouse called Ratchelor in the game, choose step by step among many mouse suitors, and finally find your favorite mouse. This form is similar to that of ABC TV in the United States. Like the bachelor reality show, here’s a walkthrough of the ratchelor game , hoping to help you find your destiny in the game. If you want to play a rat bachelor game online now, you can visit .

1. Which Mouse Do You Want To Be?

As a rat who is looking for love, you will meet a lot of rats in the ratchelor game, you can choose who to date and who to keep, after rounds of elimination , only one kind of rat will be left in the end , then you will choose to keep the mouse in the end ?

In this rat bachelor game, players first need to choose the shape of Ratchelor . There are 4 different types of mice in the game for you to choose from, namely, squirrel, yellow mouse, purple mouse and spotted mouse. According to your preference, Which mouse would you want to be? After arbitrarily selecting the role of one of the mice, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Choose 7 mouse suitors

The shape of Ratchelor , you can start to choose the rat for dating, you can choose 7 of the 21 rat suitors to go on a date, the other suitors will be eliminated, put the mouse on the images of these rats, You will see a brief introduction and specific appearance of each mouse. You can learn about the different personalities of these mice through these introductions .

The 21 mouse suitors have different occupations and appearances , some of which are very popular with players , such as the cute Eggsalad and the blueberry- loving Hempleton, as well as the one-eared Jerio and the robot mouse Reggie -231 . Once you’ve selected the 7 mice you’re interested in , you can start a one-on-one date to learn more about them.

3. Single date with 7 mice

At this stage you will make individual appointments with 7 rats one by one , so that you can get to know them more, you will have a conversation with each rat, you can reply according to your chat, there are 3 different answers, You can choose according to what you really think, and these mouse suitors will also respond differently based on your answers.

4. Choose your favorite mouse

Dating 7 mice , you need to choose 5 mice to stay for further understanding, you only need to send roses to the person you want to continue dating , after going through rounds of selection , There are only two mice left, you need to choose which one is your favorite from the two left to the end , take out the diamond ring to propose to your favorite mouse , and then live happily together .

5. The ending of each mouse

At the end of the game, there will be a cutscene, where the mouse you choose will express his love for you, or tell you a secret that belongs to it , or tell you its final form, which is a very happy ending, representing With your lover and you there is no secret, only strong love.

The game will also tell you the latest situation of other mice at the end , you can see the latest situation of these rejected mice since the game here , some of them continue to pursue their dreams, some mice become a pair, they pass the ratchelor finds true love, and each rat has a happy ending.

above is the whole content of the ratchelor game walkthrough . If you want to know more about the ratchelor related articles, please visit You can also play rat bachelor game online for free on this website . Come and try it!

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