The Many Areas of Our Everyday Lives Streaming Is Changing

Over the decades we have seen many technologies change certain aspects of our daily lives in quite dramatic and ongoing ways. One technology has emerged over the past decade or so that is set to change how we watch TV, play games, shop, and much more: Streaming content online has affected our lives in more ways than most of us would have thought possible. 

TV and cinema 

Nowadays, it’s hard to believe for many of us that not too long ago we had to sit in front of the TV at a specific time if we didn’t want to miss our favourite show. And watching a film consisted of either going to the cinema or buying or renting a DVD – and of course, you needed to have a DVD player.

Now, all you do is turn on your favourite platform for video streaming, such as Netflix or Hulu, and select one of the many series and films available. No need for DVDs or a DVD player. Even new blockbuster films have started to be launched on streaming services alongside theatrical releases. With an endless library of shows available to be streamed at any time, it is hard to believe we had to make do with the limited TV programme before. 


It’s not just watching shows and films that has majorly been affected by streaming technology. Gaming is seeing its effect, too, which the newest cloud gaming trend clearly shows. Rather than inserting a disc or downloading a file, cloud gaming allows players to access video games through the cloud and stream it on their devices.

While this technology is still in an early stage, it is said to change the way we access and play games tremendously in the future. Another area of the gaming world has also been changed thanks to streaming technology. Classic games such as roulette and blackjack can now be played with a real dealer online.

Online casinos use livestreams to make the dealer appear on the player’s screen to create an immersive experience. New players can make use of the best casino bonus for South Africans to jump into the casino games directly and easily with free spins and extra credit. Streaming technology has brought the classic casino experience into the virtual world. 

Concerts and events

Who would have previously thought we’d ever be able to enjoy some of the best concerts and events online from the comfort of our homes? Streaming has made it possible to attend all kinds of shows without even leaving the house. Orchestras and operas all over the world have started streaming their performances for audiences online.

For instance, you can watch The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra’s Winter Cyber Symphonies online or easily see a performance at the Metropolitan Opera in New York without having to dress up and leave the house. Museums have gone the same way and have started to stream events and present their exhibits online for people from all over the world to see and enjoy. Now international music and culture are readily available at our fingertips. 


Retail is another area that is seeing the effects of streaming. Some of us might remember the days of TV shopping. Someone presented a product on TV, and you were able to buy it by calling the toll-free number. This has over the years mostly been eradicated, with e-commerce leading the way.

But now it seems a new version of TV shopping has entered the stage. With the use of livestreaming, this type of shopping is seeing a revival on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Influencers and brands go live on these platforms and present their products, which users can immediately buy by clicking on the product links within the livestream.

This trend is already widely popular in China but is slowly but surely also making its way to the rest of the world where it’s been gaining traction over the last year. Livestream shopping is essentially a virtual shopping party that can be much more entertaining and immersive than simply scrolling through the catalogue of an online shop.  

Streaming is a technology that has been showing its immense potential in all sorts of areas of our everyday lives. No matter if you’re talking about watching TV, playing games, seeing concerts or even shopping, streaming content online is turning all these activities upside down. 

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