The Importance of Maintaining Your Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Have you ever given thought to opening your own restaurant or are planning to open one in near future? Then it is imperative you know everything about the hassles and compulsions of a commercial kitchen.
All appliances, devices, and equipment in a restaurant kitchen require special attention in terms of maintenance. And when something malfunctions, only a credible commercial appliance repair expert can help you.
The maintenance routine at your end should include a stringent cleaning pattern for all appliances and countertops. You may need to hire a professional for deep cleaning of the vents, freezers, and commercial refrigerators.
Moreover, the doorknobs, hinges, and motors need to be professionally lubricated using commercial oil. At the same time, you should schedule timely appliance inspections for all commercial appliances to check their health. A smart approach is to keep aside a budget for routine repairs such as microwave repairs.
Successful industrial kitchens follow a strict schedule for cleaning all their appliances. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the appliances but helps increase their efficiency.
Equipment and appliances that run efficiently result in fewer power outages, produce high-quality food and do not take a toll on your energy bills. This also provides a safe and healthy environment for your workers and chefs.
You should hand over the maintenance of your kitchen appliances to a kitchen manager rather than the chefs and trainees. It is important for your business since well-functioning appliances produce tasty and quality food.

How frequently should the kitchen appliance be cleaned and maintained?

The Food Code Authorities recommend that commercial kitchens should thoroughly clean all their appliances after 24 hours of use.
This includes properly cleaning and wiping off all cooking ranges, fryers, pans, ventilation hoods, countertops, blenders, ovens, etc. Keep an eye out for greasy areas and leftover food particles as these can easily clog machines and vents.
You can hire a professional every now and then for professional deep cleaning of all appliances to ensure the maintaining your appliances.
The food storage appliances such as freezers and refrigerators must be properly decluttered and wiped to remove any contaminating particles. Stale or expired food items should be removed and discarded properly. Also, clean your freezer’s compressor fans and vents where particles can easily accumulate.
Then comes the commercial dishwashers that need the most attention and maintenance. Make sure no solid food particles clog the appliance. Follow the manufacturer guide for thorough cleaning.
That being said, cleaning is not limited to large commercial appliances, other small appliances such as rice cookers, coffee makers, meat grinders, juicer blenders, etc require equal attention in terms of maintenance.
The small appliances have special seals that need to be replaced after every few years, so keep an eye out for their performance to stay updated on their functionality. If it is affected, call an expert and get the necessary replacements done.
Lubricate the machinery and motors
During your thorough cleaning, do not forget to oil the motors and any moving machinery to ensure smooth working. Use food-grade lubrication oil.
You cannot use regular lubrication for food machinery as it is harmful. Only buy and use the food-grade lubricant that not only keeps your appliance running but ensures that nothing harmful gets mixed in the food.
The lubrication is essential to decrease friction between the moving parts of the appliance. If there is friction present in the moving parts, it can easily overheat the equipment causing the appliance to malfunction.
The major benefits of properly maintaining your appliances include the following:

1.Less expenses on the energy bills

Appliances use electricity, fuel, or water for power. For proper and optimum functioning, it is imperative that the appliances are cleaned regularly.
Properly maintained equipment and appliances can significantly reduce your energy bills every month as their efficiency increases; well-maintained appliances use less energy to perform more work.

2.Less frequent sudden appliance failures

There is nothing more frustrating than your kitchen appliances suddenly giving up. It can practically destroy your up and running a business because of course, you will not be able to serve food to your customers.
In order to avoid such emergency situations, it is imperative that you regularly inspect the health of your appliances through a licensed expert or professional. This way you will stay apprised of what needs to be repaired or replaced.
Also, keep the warranties on your appliances safe in a place, this will reap off benefits in the long run-in case anything needs to be repaired or replaced within the warranty period. It will help you save your budget.

3. Enjoy an increased lifespan of the equipment and appliances

It is not every day that you invest or build a commercial kitchen. It is an expensive endeavour. You can end up spending thousands of dollars on one appliance simply because it is showing a fault. The reality is that appliances show troubles due to lack of maintenance and proper inspection.
Hence, by maintaining your kitchen appliances regularly, you are increasing their lifespan and saving your hard-earned money.

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