The Diversity Offered By A Career In Data Science

Who are data scientists? People working with a lot of data, analysing, predicting, developing and drawing a conclusion by its relevant use; are called data scientists. If you are good in maths, adept enough with statistics, confident enough to handle a huge volume of data, you are more than eligible to become a data scientist. However, beyond the analysis part, there is a whole new world of development of tools and services. For becoming completely proficient with data one must learn R or/and Python for coding according to today’s demands. Increase in popularity of languages like python over more critical java and C++ is an indication of accessibility of coding outside its specialist circle. You can start your pursuit of a career in data science with Python training in Bangalore.

Where ever there is a certain amount of data worth analysing, data with a lot of potential for making a difference, a data scientist there is of maximum use. Today’s data scientists can work for employers, or self employ themselves according to personal interest. This article will be discussing a few important and sustainable fields where a data scientist with the right skills can excel.

Industrial career

For making a career in data science around an industry, only computational and informatics skills are not enough. A clear knowledge regarding the preferences, operations and needs of that particular industry is very important. For example, If someone is interested in fintech data science jobs in Europe, should look for it in the continental financial capital. In the case of Europe, that city is London. Booming with all kinds of economic activities, the city provides a wonderful career option in fintech data science. 

Any industry operating for a significant amount of time will have access to valuable data. Which might include consumer’s information, pieces of R&D information, production data, data regarding finances, data regarding growth, marketing and sales etc. In the hands of an adept data scientist, this data can be used in several ways. Such as 

  • solving a problem based on past experiences 
  • providing a critically important service 
  • properly pricing the product 
  • bringing necessary changes in logistics, ergonomics and most importantly 
  • targeting right people with right advertisements etc. 

Proficient utilization of data can transform the industry into something better most of the time and success can bring encouragement regarding openings in several industries for data science jobs.

A career in public service

Rapidly evolving fields of public service like transport, healthcare, insurances services, disaster management generate a huge amount of data, This data is with a potential to bring enormous changes in the services and can help save thousands if not millions of lives. Alongside inviting betterment in lifestyle for many.

In the USA, data scientists are now able to predict patterns of tornados tormenting the coastal cities on the east coast. Due to this advantage, allotting the right amount of relief prior to the event and evacuating critically at-risk populations are now easy and hassle-free. Similar feats are achieved in Japan, regarding the prediction of earthquakes and tsunamis. Handling these calamities are now far less troublesome. 

Data scientists managed to predict flood patterns of quite a few major rivers rendering the choosing process of land for agriculture a lot easier and efficient.

Minor advancements like medical counselling and doctor recommendations for a particular condition is in practice using data science. However, due to ethical limitations in the healthcare industry and public welfare systems sustainability of such a career is still in question.

Transport industry today is enjoying the most benefits of data science. From tracking to navigation, from route selection to collection of delivery data almost every aspect of the industry is dependent on machine learning tools. Traffic regulation is another area of the transport industry which enjoys a lot of benefits of data science.


Free from regulations by employers, a data scientist can spread the wings of innovation and can embark on a search for novelty and creativity. Self-driving cars, automated kitchens and robotic arms capable of assisting human beings in daily chores are the results of unregulated imaginations gone wild. Self-employment can not only give rise to new industries but also employment and jobs for a lot of people. 

Awareness regarding the careers in data science is however still not at a satisfactory level. The number of institutions offering the right training in data science is dwindling. But the advantages at this point lies in inviting diversity and encouraging enrichment of the field. People from all kinds of educational backgrounds with adequate training can start their pursuit of a career in data science today. 

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