The 5 Most Flattering Bikini Styles For Every Body Type.

The bikini is the most popular swimwear style on the planet. It’s flattering, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion. There are many different styles of bikinis to choose from, but not all of them will flatter your body type. The key to finding the best bikini is understanding what type of coverage you want and choosing a style that accents your assets. we will cover the top five most flattering bikini styles for every body type.

High-Cut Triangle Top With Matching Bottoms

If you’re looking for a style that shows off your cleavage,this is the best style for you! The high-cut top will accentuate your bust withits triangle cut. The matching bottoms will also show off your curves.

Low-Cut Triangle Top With Optional Cross Back Strap

The low-cut triangle top is the most popular style of bikinitop for women with smaller chests. The triangle cups provide moderate coverageand are perfect for men who prefer minimal coverage.

High-Waisted Halter Top

If you have a small bust, flatter hips, and a flat stomach,this bathing suit style is perfect for you. The high-waisted halter top willdraw attention to your waistline and minimize your bust. This style also offersfull coverage so you’ll feel confident swimming or lounging on the beach.

High-Waisted Side Tie Bottom

The high-waisted side tie bikini bottom is great for womenwith a fuller behind. It accentuates your curves and allows you to show offyour waist. This style also provides more coverage than most bikini styles,making it perfect for people who want even more coverage (or those who areself-conscious about their backside).

The Basic String Bikini

The basic string bikini is a style that provides more coverage than other styles. A lot of people like this style because it’s comfortable and easy to wear. The strings are in the back, which is accessible for people with one arm, and it has less fabric in front. The basic string bikini will hide your stomach or love handles if you have any, but may not be flattering on curvy figures.


The perfect bikini style for you is out there, but you needto find it. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to find the perfectbikini for your body type and flatter your figure in the process.

1. Understand your body type and what you want to show off:

-If you’re petite and want to show off your legs, go for ahigh-cut triangle top with matching bottoms.

-If you’re tall and want to show off your arms, try ahigh-waisted halter top.

2. Start with what you know:

-If you like bikinis but want to try something new, go for ahigh-waisted side tie bottom.

-If you don’t trust yourself with a bikini top but stillwant to wear one, try a basic string bikini.

3. Cover up when in doubt:

-If you have a fuller bust, but want to wear a bikini, try ahigh-cut triangle top with optional cross back strap.

4. Find the design that suits you best:

-If you want something nude, without being too revealing, gofor a high-cut triangle

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