Start Grabbing Attention With These 5 Media Relations Tactics

The media relations (MR) and public relations (PR)industries are collectively worth over 15billion dollars! Even in the face of the adverse conditions of2020, we’re seeing companies invest more in their relationshipstrategies to signal how they’re managing crises’ on health, race, and broaderpolitical issues.

Whether you’re a person that’s looking to get a jobin media relations or you’re looking to build a firm of your own, knowing whichstrategies resonate can be a huge asset to your success.

There’s a lot of debate on how best to bringattention to a brand. Our team is here to give you a shortcut through thatchatter so you can crush your goals.

Keep reading to take in 5 can’t-miss media relationstactics that can skyrocket your career! 

1. Put Out Press Releases

It seems that no matter what’s happening in theworld, one of the best ways to cut through the clutter and get attention frommedia outlets is through old fashion press releases.

Press releases are bits of prescriptive marketingcopy that describe an occurrence media outlets may want to reiterate to theirfollowers. These releases are usually posted on company websites.

If you’re interested in learning the press releaseformat, checkit out here.

2. Give Publications a Scoop

Media relations is all about building relationshipswith media outlets. One of the best ways to do that is to give a“scoop” to an outlet you want to cozy up to.

A scoop constitutes handing an outlet an exclusivestory they’re eager to run with. While not the best way to spread your message,creating good faith with publishers can net you favor down the road.

3. Guest Post

When people ask the question, “what is a PRstrategy” or an “MR strategy”, a quick lesson on guest postsalmost always follows.

Guest posting has become a mixed bag over the lastfew years because of how impacted the practice has become. Still, there’s nodoubt you can get a lot of positive coverage by writing blog posts/articles forpopular publications and plugging your brand at the end.

Securing guest posting opportunities can bedifficult but as you build relationships with outlets, it’ll become easier tomake asks.

4. Build Credibility ThroughAnswering Questions

To gain clout for the business you’re managingmedia relations for, consider taking to the internet and establishing thatbrand as a guru in its space. A great way to do that is by hopping on websiteslike Quora and answering popular questions.

After a while of getting a brand’s name out thereas an expert, you’ll find that cold media leads start to warm up to picking upcoverage on your client due to name recognition.

5. Execute a Stunt

You’ve probably heard the term “PRStunt”. A stunt means doing something of interest that attracts mediaoutlets and generates coverage.

For a stunt to go well, it needs to be legitimatelyinteresting and should be true to your brand. You’ll also want to let somemedia outlets know ahead of time what you’re planning to avoid your work goingunnoticed.

Media Relations Is One PartCreativity and Two Parts Being Personable

As you attempt to grow your expertise as a mediarelations organization or a solo media relations specialist, remember thatmedia relations are less about being creative than about being personable.

Talk to media outlets. Do favors for them. Makesure they know who you are personally.

When you have great relationships with the media,you’ll find that your efforts gaining attention for your brand will become alot easier.

For more business media relations strategy tips,check out the latest content on our blog!

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