Some Of the Most Common Plumbing Problems and its Solution

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Most of the plumbing problems are small and less costly in nature. But, not solving them on time can make them severe. It can also damage floors and walls if not solved properly. Always take expert help to solve your plumbing problems. But this guide will help you in the emergency situation to tackle any plumbing problem.

Here we will explain to you some of the most common plumbing problems and give solutions to them.

Pressure of water

This is the most common problem in every household. Low pressure of water will make work more difficult in our home. Find the reason for the low pressure of water. There are many reasons for the low pressure of water like leakes, blockage in line, corrosion in pipes and calcium buildup.

Take time to detect the reason for this problem so you can get a proper solution for it. Use a vinegar solution to clean the nose of all the taps to remove any deposits. Also do the same practice on shower heads.

Leaking water in faucets

This is another common problem in the household. You will minimum one dripping faucet in every home. It will make lots of wastage of water as water runs continuously all the time. You can replace O-rings to solve the problem. If it does not work then contact a professional plumbing service provider to get the help. Visit Perfect Plumbers at for the best plumbing services. Make a solution to this problem to save water.

Leaky Pipes

About this problem you will come to only after thoroughly inspecting all the pipes. This problem is more common in winter months as freezing water causes damage to pipes. This problem requires an immediate solution to avoid any emergency situation because leaky water can cause severe damage to your home furniture, floors and walls. Visit to contact Perfect Plumbers to replace the damaged pipes. Most common solution of this problem is the replacement of damaged pipes. If damage is minor then repair it first.

Running water in toilets

This is another problem that makes wastage of  water in less time. This happens when the flapper valve is faulty. Water passes from the toilet tank with the help of this valve. You can make a solution of it if you have a toilet repair kit available. Also check any types of buildup that affect the smooth running of the toilet. Remove mineral buildup with the method described before.

Drainage problem

Drainage problem is the most severe plumbing problem for households. Clogged drainage can cause disasters in your home. Keep contact with good plumbing services for any type of emergency situation. Most common reasons for clogged drains are due to hair buildup and other objects in the drain line.

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Using drain cleaning powder once a week can decrease the chance of this type of buildup. If you find the drain blockage in all the lines of the home then it may be due to blockage in the main line of drainage. For this type of issue, only get the help from professional plumbing services like Perfect Plumbers. Go through to get detail about their services. Good plumbing service provider can give an immediate solution to this type of issue.

Draining problem in Bathtub

Reasons for the slow draining of water in the bathtub is also due to the same reason as given above. You need to clean hair and other material daily after use of the bathtub. This daily activity will stop this problem. If you are getting this problem again after doing all the things then ask an expert for the help. It may be another reason for the slow draining in the bathtub.

Cold water in heater

Sometimes the problem of running cold water when you are using a water heater for bathing. There are many reasons for this problem like faulty thermostat or buildup of sediment in the tank or may be fault in pilot light. If you can not solve any of this issue yourself then get a water heater inspected by an expert team and they will solve the problem.

We hope this guide will help you to find the reason behind most common plumbing problems in the household and make the solution to them.

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