Sola wood flowers in floristry!

You can call them with many names like fake flowers, faux flowers, plastic blooms, and even the permanent botanicals. Fake flowers are ruling the floral industry from the last two decades and every new day is adding more charm in their popularity.
It is a fact that no artificial flowers can replace fresh flowers, but still, there are many factors that can prove these artificial mimics of real blooms the better option in floristry. Especially the sola wood flowers for wedding decorations, bridal bouquet, and floral arrangements have taken the place of real blooms so quickly.
This article from is highlighting what has changed in the world of artificial flowers and how the introduction of wood flowers has opened the gateway of opportunities for the florist. Sola wood flowers are so realistic that the untrained eye cannot identify the difference between the real and fake flowers anymore. The colors, varieties, and detailing blooms arranged in a wood flower bouquet can even confuse Mother Nature.

Sola wood flowers in floristry

There are many reasons why wood flowers should at least be considered as a growing opportunity by the florist:

  • First and foremost, the realistic feel and creative touch of wooden bouquet and floral arrangements can trick most of the professional eyes.
  • Sola wood flowers have no use-by date and they can last for years. This feature of wooden blooms allows a florist to stock and display wood flowers. They do not have to run to the markets one or two times a week to restock and they can also use an online option to order wood flowers with confidence.
  • Sola wood wedding flowers have become popular because the florist can prepare wood flower bouquet and other floral arrangements in advance of the wedding. They also get an opportunity to sell these arrangements for more than one event by reusing them. This is not only the case for wedding floral, but also for corporate events and functions, where artificial flower walls are very popular for corporate photo sessions.
  • The colors of wood flowers are so close to nature and also many other unnatural colors in wood flowers are available. These real and exotic color options can create amazing interior deco experiences that can come into life just because of a florist.
    Wood flowers can also fill the retail space with a permanent flower display. A florist must have to ensure that colors and display are always bountiful. The long life of wood flowers and beautiful appearance is great for situations like a parlor, café, or a corporate office.
  • In a few situations the consumer needs a long-lasting artificial floral tribute like a bride may wish to have a long-lasting wood floral bridal bouquet. She can ask the florist to create a bridal bouquet for her special day by using sola wood flowers.
  • Climate, floral availability matters, and transportation are few of the practical issues that a florist considers selling wood flowers. Florists do not have to consider about the mess, handling of vases, and allergy issues while using selling wood flowers.
  • Lastly, wood flowers are very cost-effective. As the quality of wood flowers has improved, the price compared to quality has also become impressive.

Remember! Real blooms are a florist’s first choice and passion that will always be directed towards fresh flowers. However, the availability of wood flowers is worth being aware of the opportunities that might be provided by other products.

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