Software Guide for Your Auto Repair Shop:

If you are running an auto repair shop, you may be mostlyfocused on vehicles and their mechanical components. However, getting your backoffice set up well is as important to your success as your ability to fix yourcustomers’ cars and trucks. With the right software, you will be ready to stayorganized, oversee your business and ensure smooth operations.

1) QuickBooks

If you are running any type of business, you need to have some accounting software. This will help you to keep track of all your sales and expenses. It is also essential for handling taxes. Plus, if you ever want a loan or investment, you will need to show your books to your potential partner.

In short, you need to keep good financial records to run asuccessful business. The good news is that QuickBooks is very easy to use, evenif you aren’t an accounting expert. You don’t need to know your debits andcredits. You just need to select whether something was an expense or income.Plus, it integrates with many other tools to help automate your bookkeeping.

2) ShopController

You likely already know that you need a point of sale systemto be able to accept credit card payments. Well, this POSsystem for auto repair shop businesses is the one to have. It is very easyto use and has powerful features that can help keep your business organized.

For example, there is built-in functionality for managingyour inventory. As you use your supplies and parts while fixing your customers’vehicles, you can keep track automatically. That way, you will always bestocked up on what you need.

Plus, it has a scheduling tool that can help you manage theschedules of multiple technicians, bays and specialty equipment. So, you willnever book two appointments that need the same special diagnostic tool at thesame time.

Of course, it also helps you accept payments from customersusing a Clover credit card machine.It will also keep track of their information. In short, it has a lot of thefunctionality you need to run your business all in a single package.

3) CarFax Tools

Of course, you will also need to submit CarFax information.This is an important part of keeping track of vehicle history. However, it isnot always a top priority for your technicians. Fortunately, you can make surethat your customers are happy by uploading their CarFax information easilyusing the right tools. When the workflow is easier, people are much moreconsistent.

This can be done as part of ShopController. So, you canhandle this without having to invest in additional software. When you have theright software to run your business, you will be more organized and morecost-efficient.

Get the Right Software Today:

Are you ready to set your business up for lasting success? Consider looking for a Clover Flex for sale that you can use with Shop Controller. Plus, make sure that you have QuickBooks and Car Fax tools to help run your business more easily. These tools could help you increase your profits.

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