Social Media – What Dangers We Should Aware of [2021]

Social media

Social media is a good place to improve your communication skills and socialization. But the dangers associated with social networking sites are the scariest fact of the online world. We have not seen only kids in headlines but also the adults who got exposure to online threats. This post does not only refer to the new generation but also the adults explaining how the dangers surround all the online users these days. It’s also a fact that our teens are the most common victims of social media threats. But parental control apps can minimize the danger exposure chances. 

Social Media Statistics 

8% of Online users fight in real-life for social media posts.

20% of Teens share that their parents don’t know about their activities

29% of Users have stalked by online strangers when they share their address. 

64% of Teens share personal pictures on social networking sites.  

39% User hide their online searches from their parents. 

Let’s Get into Facts and discover What Dangers We Should Learn About. 

Social Media Threats 

1 – Cat Fishing

CF is a fast-growing cybercrime. It is a relationship that builds between a user and a fake online friend for the sake of financial help. Many adults have faced this issue and lost the money. But whenever a teenager experiences such a situation, it often leads to abduction and kidnapping. 

2 – Cyberbullying 

Bullying is the scariest thing that can hit a person seriously. Suicide is the second most common reason for death rate worldwide, and bullying is the major reason for suicide attempts. Kids and adults join different chat rooms where bullying is common, and here, things got worse. 

3 – Identity theft 

When teens shares too much stuff online, cyber criminals get a chance to steal someone’s identity from social media. They can use such information to do illegal things on the internet. 

4 – Online Predators

On social media, sexual predators target teens and build a friendship with them. After earning the confidence of kids, they ask for their personal photos and videos. It often leads to blackmailing and commercial sexual abuse. 

5 – Sexting 

More than half of teens have already developed the sexting habit on social media. They have no idea how such things can haunt them in the future.

Impacts of Social Media

Low self-esteem





Low-academic grades 


What Parental Control App Is?

It is a software that is designed to restrict the inappropriate content for kids and to manage their online activities. Parents can check what their children search for and can add filters for online content. 

Where Can You Find the Most Reliable Spy App for Android?

There are scam companies everywhere, and you need to make sure it’s authorization if you do not want to waste the money. TheWiSpy is the most powerful parental control app that helps parents to learn if their kids are watching adult content. It allows the parents to add content filters and lets the teens access only their age group’s online stuff. 

TheWiSpy offers incredible products, including parental control solution. It also empowers the parents to check the live-locations plus history. TheWiSpy is an all-round solution that supports every online activity and also lets the user manage the social media profiles. 


Social media affects every user if it is used in excess. All we need is to learn how much data we should post online and why we should think twice before interacting with online users. Getting worried for your kid is not a solution but guarding them online is. With parental control apps, you can minimize the social media dangers and secure the kids from watching inappropriate content on social networking sites. To get the monitoring services, TheWiSpy is the best choice for parents. 

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