Sing It: Random Song Facts You Need to Know

Wouldn’t you love to be that person? The one who is bursting with random facts about music and pop culture?

Crowds gather around them as they list all the interesting things they know about your favorite songs. Meanwhile, you stand in the corner with nothing to add.

Well, hold onto your socks because your time has come!

We’ve collected a bunch of random song facts that will make you the most interesting person in the room.

Polly – Nirvana

Kurt Cobain was inspired to write “Polly” after reading a newspaper article about the kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl.

At one point during recording, Cobain mistakenly started singing his line “Polly says…” too early. The band liked the mistake and kept it in the final version of the song.

Polly is the only song on the album Nevermind to feature original drummer Chad Channing. Channing left the band in 1990.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran invited his friend, songwriter Amy Wadge, to co-write “Thinking Out Loud” after learning that she was experiencing financial difficulty.

The song was a hit and made history by becoming the first song to spend a full year on the UK Top 40 chart.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sheeran simply said “Now she never has to worry about money again.”

How You Remind Me – Nickleback

After a fight with his girlfriend, frontman Chad Kroeger stormed down to his basement studio and started singing to release his frustration.

Trying to make his girlfriend feel bad, he loudly sang lines like “It’s not like you to say sorry” and “This is how you remind me.” This tactic backfired when she came downstairs and told him she loved the sound of the new song.

During recording, a drum technician suggested they stop the music as Kroeger sings the line “For handing you a heart worth breaking.”

The band loved this idea so much they paid the drum tech $5000 for his suggestion!

My Sharona – The Knack

In 1979, The Knack frontman Doug Fieger fell head over heels for student Sharona Alperin. Alperin wasn’t interested, so Fieger came up with a grand plan to woo her.

He invited her to one of the band’s live shows, where he debuted the famous song, “My Sharona.” Blown away by this devotion, Alperin agreed to go out with Fieger and toured with the band for the next four years.

Miserere – Gregorio Allegri

The song Miserere was composed in the 1630s. Soon after this, it became illegal to transcribe music, so the song was only allowed to be performed at the Sistine Chapel.

14-year-old Mozart was visiting Rome when he heard the composition. Having listened to the song a mere two times, he wrote it down from memory and regularly performed it.

This may be the first documented case of musical copyright infringement!

While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles

A list of random facts about musicians would be incomplete without mentioning the unbreakable friendship between Eric Clapton and Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison.

The two were frequent collaborators. In fact, Clapton played lead guitar on the Beatles hit “While my Guitar Gently Weeps.” After the recording, Clapton gave his prized Gibson SG guitar to George Harrison.

The two remained good friends until Harrison’s death, despite the fact that Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd, left him for Clapton.

Blow Everyone’s Minds With Random Song Facts

With all this knowledge in your head, you’ll dominate the quiz night!

All eyes will be on you as you entertain friends and family with these random song facts.

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