Simple Tips and Tricks for Deep Cleaning of your Bathroom

A clean bathroom is important to make a healthy environment in the home. But, most of us do not know the easy and less time-consuming process to clean it. Based on our experience, we have filtered out some simple tips and tricks for deep cleaning your bathroom. These tips will help you to get a clean and sparkling bathroom.

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Use of Vinegar

Tough grime that is hard to remove, can be removed with white vinegar. You can use it for cleaning the shower. For this, take some quantity of vinegar and make it hot with a microwave. You can use this hot vinegar on the surface. Use little soapy water to make it smell good. This method will take less time to clean all the dirt on the shower.

Use of dish brush

You can use a dish brush to remove surface mold or mildew. Scrubbing with a dish brush can remove dirt easily from the surfaces. You can use around five to six cups of warm water with a small quantity of bleach to make the perfect solution. Spread this solution on the bathroom tiles and other surfaces and scrub it with a dish brush. After the scrub, rinse it with a bucket of water. 

Use of Baking Soda

For tough stains that are difficult to remove with bleach and a dish brush, use this technique for washing bathroom surfaces. Make a paste with water and baking soda. Apply it on surfaces that have tough strain. Wash this solution after 4 to 5 hours after applying it. This method will remove all hard to remove dirt from the tiles of your bathroom.

Smell problem

If your bathroom smell not good and you find that the reason is the drain of your bathroom then use this method to remove bad odors in the bathroom. For more severe problems get the help of cleaning professionals. Go to and get the best solution for it. For normal smell problems in the bathroom, we will use baking soda and white vinegar.

Make a mix of 2 parts of vinegar and one part of baking soda and pour it down in the drain. Wait for 30 minutes and flush hot water in the drain. This technique will remove all the grease and oil in the drain pipe and you will get a normal smell in the bathroom. This is the best technique which takes very little time to remove bad odors from the bathroom drain.

Use of toothbrush

There are many hard-to-reach parts in the bathroom.  For these parts, you can use a toothbrush that can reach in small parts. You can remove dirt from the side of the handles and faucet. Just put some cleaning solution and gently brush it after few minutes can clean all the corners of the handles.

Cleaning of bathroom window and glass

It is difficult to clean bathroom windows by using the normal glass cleaner that you are using to clean other glass surfaces. For bathroom window glass, use a squeegee that can clean it easily. You can move left and right to clean the window properly.

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Remove water spots

Water spot is common where water runs frequently and dry out. To remove these water spots, you can use lemon as a cleaner. Just rub it on all surfaces and it will remove the watermark instantly. Also, you will get a good smell after using lemon for cleaning. After every use of the bathroom, gently wipe with dry cloth or mob will also stop water spots in the bathroom. A dry bathroom will also stop the growth of bacteria than a wet or humid bathroom.

Use of black tea

Do you put black tea in the dustbin after making tea? Using it to clean the mirror is the better idea. The bathroom mirror gets dirt, water spots, and other marks over time. Use black tea with boiling water and wipe it with a cloth on a dirty mirror. This method will remove all the marks and dirt from the bathroom mirror and give great shine.

We hope all these tips and tricks will help you to get a shiny and clean bathroom with lesser effort.

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