Seven Tech Tools That Are Shaping The Remote Work Industry

Tech Tools That Are Shaping The Remote Work Industry

Have you been considering transitioning your workforce from a brick-and-mortar system to working remotely, or are you planning to hire a separate team of remote workers? No matter the reason, technology has made this move more accessible than ever. 

With the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have shifted to remote work. Only a few have decided they like the flexibility and productivity it entails. However, remote working presents its own set of challenges, such as keeping your team on task and giving them all the incentives to communicate freely. Selecting the right remote working tool lessens these challenges and boosts team collaboration. 

So what are the essential tools shaping the remote work industry? Hold on – we’re getting there.

In this article, we’ll share our top work-from-home tools.  They are viable for everything from seamless presentations to smooth communications, simple documentation to secure file management, and plenty of others. So whether you’re a beginner to the concept of “remote working” or an experienced candidate, ensure you and your team have the following tools. 

1.Hub Staff 

When it comes to managing productivity and the rest of your time, Hub Staff is the first tool that comes to mind. 

With it, you can keep track of where your employees are spending most of their time and what tasks they are currently working on. In addition to keeping an eye on your employees, some of Hub Staff’s eye-catching features include employee scheduling, monitoring, screen recording, online timesheets, GPS tracking, online invoicing, project budgeting, payroll software, and many more.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for something better regarding payment records and overall employee efficiency, TFI Resources is a perfect choice. With the plentiful tfi staffing resources, you can ensure long-term productivity and efficiency in work and tackle clients via a unique level of consistency. 


Proposals, training templates, infographics, presentations, and other stunning designs are increasingly essential. They can easily take a toll on workers’ minds, especially when there aren’t enough resources available. Thankfully, Visme exists.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional or a total novice. Visme offers users the platform to create effortless designs with numerous tools to provide a stunning visual brand experience.

Be it a nice little printable to-do list prototype for your office or a sales presentation for a potential client, Visme has you covered. It offers thousands of templates neatly categorized in a searchable gallery – so say goodbye to struggling with designs.


This one is mainly for tech teams who have a hard time managing their goals. With Jira, you can keep track of your productivity levels via Sprint Points. You can also utilize event-based tracking to enable specific events to be weighted, such as moving to different tasks or to “Done.”


Collaboration became a massive challenge when working with remote employees. Thankfully, ProofHub is the online collaboration and project management tool that takes care of this challenge. 

You can design tasks with an end/start date and design custom roles so that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and when. 

ProofHub also provides custom reports to manage and plan your projects, resources, and tasks. This tool can be integrated with various other famous apps like QuickBooks, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Calendar, FreshBooks, and ensure everything is in one place.

Furthermore, ProofHub’s online proofing system is something everyone appreciates about this tool: reviewing and approving projects has never been this effortless. Moreover, this remote working tool also features a dedicated space for real-time discussions, a built-in chat app, and file sharing.


Hiver is an incredible tool that helps remote employees manage group inboxes like contact@, info@, or support@ directly through Gmail.

Thanks to Hiver’s shared inboxes, chats happen impeccably over email. In addition to this, every email can be tracked in real-time and assigned to a different user. Team members can effortlessly collaborate using internal notes instead of trusting external chat solutions. 

Furthermore, Hiver can help you delegate and track emails effortlessly. It can also help transform emails into tasks and assign them to different team members within a few clicks. 

With Hiver, you can collaborate with your team without meandering email threads or using external collaboration tools.


It is a scheduling software, particularly for remote teams that wish to make appointments happen. It enables workers to arrange online appointments with clients and host virtual staff meetings. What’s more, the built-in Zoom addition enables you to video call straight from your calendar.

Furthermore, 10to8 can manage teams across various time zones. The two-way calendar sync ensures that double bookings don’t accidentally occur. In addition, the automatic reminders will help your workforce keep track of meetings and be present on time, eliminating confusion and wastage of time. 


Dialpad is an amazingly unified communications platform that offers AI-powered contact, video conferencing, and calling. With built-in voice assistance, your workers can now make smarter calls from any mobile device. Features like automated note-taking, call transcription, and integrations with Salesforce, G Suite, Zendesk, and much more. 

Thanks to the Dialpad contact center, you and your employees can build a remarkable call center to reduce customer wait times and perform route calls keenly. Since everything is cloud-based, your employees can take calls from anywhere without being tied to a desk and a chair. 

For sales teams and customer service, Dialpad aids them to excel at what they do best without worrying about any call/message-specific issue. So it’s plain to see that Dialpad is the perfect choice if you want to set up your outbound or inbound call center within seconds.


There you have it – a list of all the essential tools that are doing a noteworthy job shifting the remote work industry.

Today’s remote employees require the right tools to help them succeed and be productive. By integrating advanced technologies, you can achieve both of these objectives while innovating yourself.

Luckily, the above-said tools can help you and your employees improve the quality of remote work. These promote collaboration, foster productivity, and simplify team collaboration. So what are you waiting for? Add these tools to your remote working stratagem and see where they take you!

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