How to Set up Bellsouth Email Settings on iPhone

You can easily set up Bellsouth Email settings at iPhone to create new email account. you can check the Bellsouth email  features like email, calendar and much more.

This is required to setup new email account for Bellsouth at iPhone. Once you have successfully added the email account then use the existing email account or third party emails to send or receive the emails from Bellsouth email.

Guide Setup Bellsouth Email Settings iPhone

  1. Open you iPhone settings section
  2. Now browse the ‘Setting App’ from iPhone and choose the option Mail, Contact, Calendars
  3. Click Add account option under the ‘Account’ section
  4. Select the ‘Others’ option to add mail account
  5. Now Tab the ‘Add Account’
  6. Now fill the requirements with email credentials for BellSouth email
  7. Now configure the BellSouth email server settings like host name & user name
  8. Bellsouth email is property of AT&T so server setting is AT&T settings
  9. For incoming ‘Mail Server Section’ Type the as Hostname and create email ID in user field name
  10. Replace the CusotmerID with your unique name to create the setup
  11. Now set up the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ section with at host name and enter customer ID& section as your unique ID and enter the password too.
  12. Tab to check iPhone verify email setting is working perfect

How to Customize Bellsouth Email Settings

Once you have done with creating Bellsouth email account, it is important to take one hours to configure the email account with server to send and receive mail app messages. Now open the Settings app, touch Mail, Contacts, and Calendars and tap the BellSouth email account below the Accounts heading.

Now you can manage to configure the many settings like how many times sync the email messages from server including configure settings of iPhone checks new emails.

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