Role of Public Adjusters in helping with Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire damage causes a devastating impact on the property, and for renovation, you need the financial assistance of the insurance returns. Hence it is essential to hire a public adjuster to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that the company pays you the maximum amount of the claim.

It is a complicated procedure that involves investigating the degree of the damage and analysis of the clause of the policy and the negotiation process with the company. It becomes challenging for the homeowner to cope with the property’s loss and damage to focus on these legal aspects.

Thus it is advisable to hire a professional to do this task. Contact ProFloridian Public Adjusters to help with Fire Damage Insurance Claims.

Who is a Public Adjuster?

Unlike the adjusters who work for the insurance company, the public adjuster works for the homeowner and deals with the insurance company on behalf of his client, and handles these issues related to claiming insurance returns.

He investigates the degree of damage and analyzes whether it falls under the insurance policy and accordingly devises the strategies to strike the best possible deal with the insurance company to attain the promised claim amount.

A public adjuster is a professional and is aware of the policy laws and the tactics commonly used by the insurance companies to deny or delay the payment of the claims. So, he is equipped with his experience and expertise to handle the situation.

Role of a Public Adjuster 

The public adjuster plays a crucial role in handling fire damage insurance situations. He takes the following steps:

⦁ Assessing all fire-related damages 

The adjuster identifies the damages caused by the fire. Furthermore, he stresses the side effects of the damage as is evident in the form of water damage caused due to the ash damage, burnt or broken pipelines, soot, and smoke damage. Thus he investigates and documents all sorts of direct and indirect damages caused by the fire. This documentation immensely helps in building the case of claiming for the insurance.

⦁ Finding loopholes and exceptions

The insurance companies try to deny the claims by finding loopholes in the policy and deprive the homeowners of the rightful claims. Again for the layperson, the process is quite challenging, and they fail to turn the matter in their favor.

On the contrary, if you hire a public adjuster, you have better chances of attaining the insurance return. The adjusters are experienced and aware of the companies’ potential techniques for delaying or denying the claims. The adjuster can easily find out the lapses and exceptions to the insurance policy laws and utilize them to convince the insurance companies to make the payment. Since he is aware of the company’s moves and arguments, the adjuster can smartly present the counter-arguments and negotiate with precision.

⦁ Helping with finding contractors and fire cleanup or restoration services

The public adjuster usually has several connections in the community. He can also help the homeowner get in touch with reliable and reputed contractors to clean up the debris and conduct restoration services. The adjuster can also help establish contact with professional builders who specialize in restoring properties that have witnessed the fire or water damage. Thus, the adjuster helps you arrange the fund for renovation and finds you a reliable source for repair works.

⦁ Calculating the total loss

The public adjuster also shoulders the responsibility of calculating the total loss suffered by his client by analyzing the smoke damage, disposal expenses, health hazard expenses, and anticipate future expenses. Furthermore, if the damage is inflicted on business property, the loss in business is also calculated. Thus, the financial situation is clarified through the analysis. It helps you clearly understand the amount required to cope with the loss, plan your finances based on this inspection, and cut down other expenses.


So, if your property has suffered any fire damage and if you need the assistance of an expert to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, you can contact an experienced public adjuster to handle your case. ProFloridian Public Adjusters can help with Fire Damage Insurance Claims and ensure the best insurance return for you. Learn more about ProFloridian Public Adjusters, via this Haiti Open Magazine business profile.

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