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How can social media help with Google rankings? Social media has long been on the list of effective SEO tools. Hence there are doubts among SEO experts whether social media is bringing any improvements in rankings.

But most are inclined to believe that working on social SEO will improve their position in the ranking. It is an effective addition to the overall strategy without any doubts. How to do it? Below you will find how to get started with making social media work for SEO.

  1. Create High Quality Content

Google has long changed its approach to ranking sites. For example, keywords no longer play such a role as the quality of the content and its usefulness to the reader. Therefore, before starting any work with social media and SEO promotion to achieve higher Google ranking, it is necessary to focus on the quality of the content.

If we talk about quantity, then first of all focus on quality. You will get more effect not from the frequency of the content posting, but from the value it delivers. This applies not only to content for social media but also to your website. 

Work on improving social media search linking to your site to get free effect in ranks positions. Also, you should make sure that the site has social media buttons for your content to be conveniently shared.

It is worth adding that there are other strategies for content to consider. For example, think about the fact that you can use guest blogging for SEO. You can also consider buying natural backlinks, as Google has long valued high-quality backlinks and rank the content with a lot of references much better.

  1. Use Storytelling

In addition to the quality of the content, you should pay attention to the ways you convey your text to the audience. For example, you can use storytelling, as it is one of the most effective components of a marketing strategy. Why Storytelling? Here are some good reasons:

  • Commercial texts have already become something common and not so catchy. That is, the text that describes the reasons why it is worth choosing a product/service/company and how this will solve the user’s problem is no longer enough.
  • Storytelling is engaging on a psychological level and creates a sense of trust and importance among the audience.
  • Storytelling evokes emotion in the audience.
  • People like stories about heroes or real people rather than something inanimate.

So, with storytelling, you have the opportunity to grab the attention of a larger audience and build trust. Therefore, you should definitely add storytelling to your content strategy. Well, it is also noteworthy that this format is ideal for social media SEO promotion, especially for Facebook.

  1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

If you want your social media to bring traffic to your site and the corresponding results in SEO promotion, it is important to take care of the quality of your profiles. Today, social networks are a kind of business card not only for brands and companies but for specialists and experts as well.

Users often study the company’s social profiles before making a final decision on the purchase of a product or service. When it comes to social media marketing, you need to make sure that:

  • Your profile is attractive to your audience.
  • You have attention-grabbing triggers like catchy headlines.
  • Your social media posts have links to your website.
  1. Build Relationship With Your Audience Through Discussions

In addition to using storytelling, there is an overriding goal to keep in mind. That is, you shouldn’t forget that social media is created for communication. Consequently, communication is your key to the “hearts” of your audience.

Make it a rule to make content that has a call to communicate. Ask your audience for their opinion or ask them to share their experience. This will also create a sense of not only trust but also a sense of importance in your audience.

How does this affect SEO? This will lead to more engagement and more traffic. Will this affect the ranking of your site? Definitely, yes!

  1. Leverage the Power of Social Media Analytics

To understand whether your social networks work for SEO promotion, you need to analyze the activity. To be frank, if you don’t quantify performance, then you won’t be able to understand how social networks work and whether they bring the desired results. Therefore, all measures in the context of working with social networks without proper analysis will not be effective.

Please note that social networks such as Instagram and Facebook provide good analytics that will allow you to see real statistics. But in addition to obtaining such analytics, it is recommended to return to the following questions from time to time:

  • your social media ROI in the context of various campaigns and strategies.
  • find out what types of content engages your audience best.
  • monitor peak activity of the target audience during the day.

Experts agree that effective work with social media, regardless of the goal, is impossible without staying updated on analytics and statistics. Make it a rule to carefully monitor the results from each campaign and strategy – it will let you unlock a lot of valuable insights you can reuse in your marketing across the other channels. 

Wrapping Up

Make social media work for you. Social platforms are a great addition to your SEO strategy. Use tips to get off the ground in the Google rankings and conquer the top rating. 

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