How to Use Qucikpayportal to Pay Medical Bills Online | Quick Pay Code

Qucikpayportal For paying a medical bill, you need to go quick pay code. This is the official website which offers the quick pay portal services for paying the online bill. This is very important to know the how to make your online bill payments by using the quickpayportal. This is very easy to know all the information regarding medical billing services.

AthenaCollector Quickpayportal also provides the unique service which is provided only billing services for users. Quickpayprotal is designed for the help of the people, By using this portal you can pay your medical balance online within no time. You can access this online portal in anywhere.

Need To Know Quickpayportal

You must have the knowledge the online process by using the Quickpayportal.

How to use Quickpay Code

Once hospital provided the patient statement then Quickpay code is generated by default which is 15 digit numbers, it is also called statement ID or Access code.

Payment Confirmation

Once you use the www.quickpayportal for medical payment, you will receive the immediate payment confirmation.

How to Check Quick Pay Payment History

This payment portal will give you the opportunity to review your statement and payment history of your medical account of the patient.

How Easy to use www.quickpayportal Quick Pay Code?

If you have any outstanding bill, Athenahealth gives you the opportunity to use the Quickpayprotal online for the payment of your medical bill. This is very easy, quick and secure way to access to check your medical outstanding bill. Once the patients’ statement generated, you need a quick pay code which is necessary for the paying the medical bill. For paying a medical bill, you need to follow some simple steps.

  • www.quickpayprotal is the official website for paying medical bill.
  • After clicking on the sign in button, you need to enter quick pay code which will be generated as the patient’s statement.
  • After entering the quick pay code, you can see your outstanding medical bill.
  • It will provide you the different options to choose your payment method.
  • Before completing your medical bill payment, you should need to check and review the payment transaction of patient’s bill. Once the payment process complete, you should take the print of the payment receipt.

Quickpayportal gives you the easy and alternative process of payments of your medical bill. There is nothing any restriction on medical service providers to use the quickpayportal but they must have the following services.

  1. You must have AthenaCollector service
  2. You must have AthenaMailbox service
  3. U.S.Bank Lockbox Account Holder
  4. Athenahealth Credit Card processing with MID (Merchant ID)

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