Pro Tips for Eyelash Extensions and Natural growth

Long eyelashes make the eyes more beautiful as the contrast of dark eyelashes, and white eyes will make your eyes prominent. You can find many products on the market that promise to make your eyelashes grow in a short period. These products are generally expensive and sometimes too harsh on your lashes. They can damage your natural eyelashes. Hence, you must use homemade eyelash growth products if you don’t want any professional beauty treatments. If you genuinely want to grow your lashes, you have to take care of them. Due to several reasons, you can damage your lashes without even noticing it. In this article, you will find information about lash extensions a safer way to have fuller and thicker lashes.  Also some tips you can follow to regrow your natural eyelashes.

Professional Lash Extensions Technician

There is nothing stylish about sticking your eyes out. It is best to beautify them in a reputable spa and salon. It is also important to ask from the expert about the strength of the glue being used. The excellent quality medical-grade glue won’t come off, and you only need to take care of your eyelashes. Once applied by lash extensions specialists can last up to 12 weeks.

Regular Refills

Semi-permanent eyelashes extensions need to be groomed to maintain their appearance. This means that you need to make an appointment to replace the fallen eyelashes. Each lash (usually synthetic) is carefully glued to your natural lash. It takes an average of 4-6 weeks. However, since the eyelashes fall out every day, you will need to touch them up every 4 weeks.

Avoid makeup remover

Be gentle with your eyelashes. Avoid harsh eye makeup removers. Since most semi-permanent eyelashes are synthetic, some mascaras should be avoided as they could damage the material. If you are using an eyelash curler, make sure it is hot enough to touch and not burn. It could melt your new lashes.

Apply Natural Oil

So you can make your long luscious lashes stand out even better. Using your finger or a cotton swab, apply vitamin E rich oil like Olive oil from the base of your lashes in an upward motion. Not only does it make your lashes shine, but it also thickens your natural lashes over time.

Limit Mascara Applications

Sometimes even the application of mascara is overdone. You won’t need it during the day. However, mascara will make your eyes pop dramatically. It really depends on the occasion. Use your best judgment that what can be the best.

Many eyelash growth products are great for semi-permanent lashes. It will make your natural eyelashes longer and thicker. Follow the instructions of the lash technician.  

Following are some tips which you can follow to grow your lashes naturally

Avoid False Lashes

The false eyelashes are glued directly to the natural eyelashes. And when you are going to remove it then definitely it will also remove your natural lashes because of the glue. False lashes should be only used on a special occasion and should be avoided in the normal routine. The best way to grow eyelashes is to avoid false lashes at any cost. If you really would like to have a natural look of your lashes, then you can opt for lash extensions which is the safest way to have beautiful eyelashes.


Eyelashes are like the skin; they will dry out if you don’t get them wet. Many makeup removers dry out the eyelashes by removing their natural oils. This makes them fragile and more likely to fail. This is why it is always essential to apply the cream to your eyelashes after removing makeup or washing your face. On the other hand, Facial creams and lotions containing vitamin A, C and E are also good for your skin, as well as too good for your eyelashes growth.

Balanced Diet

Our body needs vital nutrients and antioxidants. This is especially true when you want to grow your nails and hair. Including more Vegetables and Fruits rich in vitamins A, C and E, you can get all the essential vitamins and mineral. Taking calcium and magnesium supplements also help the eyelashes to lengthen by increasing the rate of follicle growth.

Don’t Rub your Eyes

The most common reason for eyelashes to fall out is due to rubbing your eyes. Many of us lost our natural lashes by this habit, and this is the most common habit among men and women. If you want to grow your eyelashes naturally, avoid rubbing your eyes.

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