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PerYourHealth – What You Know?

With the advancements in modern health care came a moreconvenient option for paying medical bills: PerYourHealth. The portal allowsyou to pay your medical bills online all in one place and also access them fromanywhere. It also is a befitting option for the patient since paying bills atthe time of discharge can be a tasking job.

However, with such a convenient option at their disposal, the patient and their family can pay bills on time. Since the billing systems in hospitals are automated being late to pay the bills can instantly increase your charges. However, with peryourhealth you can stay ahead of deadlines without having to wait in long queues or paying late fee charges.


With simply a phone or laptop and an internet connection, you are able to easily pay your bills and have access to your medical history all in one database that will conveniently store all your billing history and information. There are also many healthcare institutions that accept payment through this portal   

Requirements for PerYourHealth

While PerYourHealth is an extremely convenient option formedical patients, there are certain prerequisites that are necessary.

  • There is an age limitthat needs to be considered; individuals above the age of 18 are only permittedto avail these services.
  • Prior to the paymentprocess, the user should inquire into whether or not the health institutionaccepts payment through peryourhealth.
  • Furthermore, asmentioned previously, a phone or a device that is connected to the internetsource is extremely imperative for using this service.
  • All previous medicalbilling history should also be readily available since the account number onthe bill statement is needed to make the payment.

Pros of PerYourHealth

An online portal where all your bills can be paid asadvantageous as it sounds.

  • Patients will nolonger need to carry paperwork consisting of their medical history and billinginformation to their routine hospital visits.
  • Days of standing inprolonged queues waiting to pay the bills will be long gone since in a matterof seconds the bills can get paid.
  • The method of paymentperyourhealth offers (credit cards, debit cards and net-banking) are alsoextremely convenient and will make the hassle of dealing with and withdrawingcash much easier.
  • The database alsostores all your medical billing history decreasing the chances of theseextremely important documents getting lost, which can be difficult when in theform of paperwork.
  • Furthermore, theservice is available 24/7 and is also very user-friendly which is especiallyadvantageous for young adults who are just starting to take responsibility fortheir own medical related problems.

Cons of PerYourHealth

However, the service does have a few drawbacks.

  • For starters payingbig amounts online will essentially result in you coming under the watchful eyeof the IT scanner because of credit card information being provided to paythrough a third-party service provider.
  • Furthermore, since youwill be dealing with a health insurance company any information that you mightwant to remain hidden will obviously be impossible since they will have accessto your medical database. Meaning, in the case that the patient has apre-existing problem a higher amount will be needed to be paid to attaincoverage from a health policy.
  • Lastly, anotherdisadvantage is one we have previously discussed as well regarding some healthcare services that might not accept payment through peryourhealth. This can ofcourse be disappointing, to not be able to avail this convenient service forsome clinics or institutions.   

How to Register PerYourHealth

  • To avail theseservices the customer has to firstly register on the official site (
  • The first step of theregistration process is to enter the account number that can be found on yourbilling statement and clicking on the continue button.
  • The site will redirectyou to another page where you can enter other personal details such as yourname, birth date, contact information etc. A phone and email address will alsobe needed to receive notifications and also help in retrieving the account incase the user forgets their login information.
  • After the registrationprocess is completed, the user will receive an email that will consist of aregistration ID which will henceforward be used to login to their account,which of course makes it extremely important and should be noted downsomewhere. Registration is especially crucial since without it, thePerYourHealth services cannot be accessed. The user should also make note ofthe fact that it should initially be made sure if the healthcare institutionaccepts services by PayYourHealth or not.

Registeration Online and Through a Phone

  • Once the registrationis done, the user will be able to make an online payment for bills. The processis also quite simple; after login you will be asked to choose a payment optionbetween debit card, credit card or net banking and accordingly asked to enterdetails for the option that you choose.
  • Once all the detailsare entered click on pay to complete the payment process and make sure toreceive a confirmation email after this.
  • Another way of makingthe payment is through your phone. The user must simply dial the customerservices number (888-442-8447) and, upon connecting to the customer servicespersonnel, inquire about the account number.
  • After doing so, thecustomer must ask for the amount of the payment and henceforward select themethod they prefer for payment.
  • Once the details areprovided and the payment process is successful, the customer will receive anSMS of confirmation.

How to Retrieve Account

  • In case you forget your registration ID and are unable to access your account, no need to panic since the site provides a solution for this.
  • Right next to the empty bar for your login details, you will find an option that says ‘forgot user ID’.
  • After clicking on it the site will redirect you to where you will be asked to enter an email address and the bill number of the last medical bill you paid.
  • On the email provided, the user will receive an email from peryourhealth with a link that can allow the user to reset the ID and password.
  • In case of any problems or inquiries, the customer services number (855-853-7242) can be contacted.

About Change Health Care

Although the idea of paying bills online can be unnerving and you might find yourself constantly wondering whether or not it is safe to enter your financial information, however the portal has been designed specifically to ensure security and confidentiality.

The service provider, Change Health Care, has redefined the idea of safe and accessible web-enabled health services. Their strict security rules demarcated by the Department of Health and Human Services ensures that the private health information of the patients is protected.

Apart from this, Change Health Care also acts as a convenient channel between healthcare institutions and their consumer base and provide their services to different platforms.

Providers are able to offer suitable clinical assistance and the patients are able to make cost and quality efficient choices. They also reside deep within the entire healthcare network which is ideal for their consumers because this allows them to become more integrated.

Frequently AskedQuestions

  • Customer Services

The service provider, change your health, offers customer support regarding all of their services that can be availed 24/7. The site also provides an extensive list of customer resources the company provides regarding, payer lists, enrollment services etc.

Their product support, specifically designed to deal with problems the user might face with the portal, caters to technical problems and also helps patients with other problems they might need advice on.

Their vast healthcare network also keeps the customers integrated and connected to the healthcare personnel they might need information from.

How Secure isPerYourHealth?

The privacy andsecurity policy can be consulted by the user before registering on the portalto be aware of their policies beforehand. It would also serve as a reassurancelater on in their services.

Furthermore, their privacy policies are designed by the Department of Health and Human Services to safeguard the rights of their customers and to ensure the implementation of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

How to Deal with Errorson The Portal 

The customer services can be contacted in case of any technical error faced on the portal. Change your health is an IT company that provides web-enabled services, meaning they are quick to solve any technical errors their customers might face.

They can be contacted on the customer services number (855) 853-7242 or contact their office at their address: No. 7234 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136.

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