Netflix vs Hulu – Which is the Better Platform for Video Streaming?

Who watches traditional cable network these day when there are Netflix and Hulu? We are aware of both as they are topping the digital online streaming domain. We tried to put together their similarities and differences to give you a clear view of what you should opt.

Being a season lover, one always wants the show uploaded to the online channels right after they are broadcasted. Both have similar features but Netflix seems more satisfying as it has a vast number of shows as compared to Hulu. None like Netflix, Hulu uploads the episode one day after the airing dates. Live streaming is available, programs from ABC, NBC and FOX are accessible through Hulu. The anime section Hulu specializes in, is indeed a must have for teens to watch.

Statistics of Netflix vs Hulu

Netflix has a vast number of shows even if they have already been ended. Hulu lacks it at it airs shows for a shorter period of time. The thing that irks when using Netflix is, its licenses expires and so you may not be able to watch what you subscribed for.  Check out the Table to know more about both:

Aspect   Netflix      Hulu
Original Content and CensorshipNetflix airs original content without any editing or additional effect etc.Hulu on the other hand lacks originality in content and is much focused on the censorship omitting violent scenes.
AvailabilityAvailable on every device and web browser.Available on every device.
Shareable ContentYou can share videos and shows on Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc.You can share whatever you want on every social media site.
HD QualityNetflix wins over Hulu in the aspect of HD quality 1080p.Hulu buffs alot and takes quite a long time to buff a movie or show in 1080p.
PricingBasic rate is $7.99. To stream in 1080p, you need to pay $11.Basic rate is $7.99. No 1080p no higher rates.
AdvertisingNetflix is free of popups and advertisements.Advertisements pop up during the live streaming.

Final Words

Netflix tops when it comes to original and fluent content while Hulu lacks it. Hulu on the other hand requires lower rates. Hulu has so many popups but Netflix provides non-stop and undisturbed content. If someone asks me whom should i opt for video streaming? i’d simply go for Netflix! Netflix somehow is not a task to put your hands on but the pricing, quality of content and advertisement policy forces you to do so.

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