Why Do You Need to Search by Images for Online Shopping?

Have you ever been in a situation where you see a picture of an object online, and you badly want the same? No need to panic, Visual search is a tool specifically created for such purposes.

Visual Search

Visual search tends to search by image of an object instead of the text by deploying artificial intelligence.  By taking a picture of the desired object and putting it onto the search bar of the designated platform, one could get multiple results.


In the e-commerce industry, visual search plays an essential role for retailers, especially for those devoted to home decoration and fashion. It is very common in our offline shopping due to the fact that we attract what we see.

Therefore, visuals have played a role in our offline shopping. In online shopping patterns, the technology has advanced a lot from typing to voice commands and now visual searching, which helps us get the exact product without wasting time searching.

Reverse Image Search:

Reverse photo search is a widely used photo lookup tool for finding photos. It is a high-speed utility that helps its users to look for results using search by image rather than entering text. A simple tool that can operate on iPhone, Android, computers, laptops, etc. The steps for photo search provided in this search engine are pretty straightforward. Firstly, there is an uploading phase in which you can either the image or URL of the picture.

It is then processed for searching. You can either opt for a specific search engine or explore all the search engines in this step. The primary critical players in image finders are Google Lens, Reverse photo search, Bing visual search, and Pinterest lens.

The last step is to view the image and select your desired product. This easy-to-use service provides you with the most relevant results after your search by image and returns you images even with a different dimension. You can try this technology and access diverse images by visiting https://www.reverseimagesearch.org/.


In our daily lives, search by image has always played an important role. For instance, while going to a hairdresser, it will be more convenient and practical to show the barber the picture of the haircut one wants than describing him with the help of words. The images tend to get more attention than words.

The visual search delivers the following advantages:

1-   Multiple choices:

An online buyer who buys things by deploying search by image has more command and power over the results. Just a picture of the desired object provides the user with more similar products in various ways, thus providing him with a larger platform for choosing from.

It drives his priorities according to his budget when a different yet close product is displayed in results. Therefore, saving the time of a user by being efficient as well as friendly. Such methods result in the growth of online shopping.

2-   Relevant Choices in Advertisement:

Through online shopping, the market gets the user’s idea of interest, which helps in relevant advertisements for the customer and updates them about the newly added items similar to those they mostly look for.

3-   Authenticity of an image:

The authenticity of a picture is easily traced by using the image search method. When different platforms use the same image, making claims over an event, you can find the reality of the photo just by uploading the photo in the picture finder. It is bound to be a game-changer for the E-Commerce industry.

4-   Recognition of fake profiles:

A person can easily recognize fake profile photos using search by image methodology and incorporating a reverse image tool. The suspicious accounts on social media can be investigated and then reported.

5-   Detection of Plagiarized images:

It is a significant hurdle for photographers and content creators when a person takes up their pictures without their consent and uses them on different platforms. Such an act is a breach of copyrights.

To tackle such an issue, the concept of an image search tool can be used which allows you to trace the one who used your pictures without consent. It provides you with the complete data and information of the website as well as where the thief is using their image.

6-   Better quality pictures:

Enhancing the quality of an image is a difficult task. So, you can conduct a search by image for that picture to find its better quality version.


In a nutshell, the world is moving towards a much higher and advanced level of technology incorporating three Vs, i.e., voice, visuals, and video. To cope with this, we must shift ourselves from the old and traditional mode of searching to an advanced method of searching which is search by image.

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